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Friday, July 06, 2007
UK trip London!!!

    Finally, I am in London. Hehe... London, the capital of UK and England, with a lot of tourist attraction places. Of course besides London I did visit some other popular spots in England.

First stop, London Bridge

Next its Stonehenge

Follow by Windsor Castle

    Too bad la... I went with my sister... If not sure go inside pub/bar/club to take a look de. Oh ya, pass by Soho as well. If you don't know what is Soho, go and  search in the internet. Hehe... Here are more photos...

Didn't go in though, heard their food is very expensive

Meet my little friend here, Triceratop Jr.

Inside the Science Museum, air transport area

An interesting fact that I got to know in London

I was told that this is the longest subway in London

    For the final two days in London, I pay a visit to Madame Tussaud, hop on the London Eye, and see the changing of guards taking place in Buckingham Palace.

Me with Jennifer Lopez at Madame Tussaud

Lucky me, my sister didn't get this for me

Hopping on the London Eye is truly a wonderful experience

Buckingham Palace: After the changing of guards

    Well, my UK trip has ended after 11days of magnificant and wonderful experience. I truly hope that i have the chance to go there again. Signing off here. Tata~

Posted at 12:22 am by Josh524

July 6, 2007   11:41 PM PDT
Thats why I say... POSER POSING A POSE!!! lol...
July 6, 2007   08:07 PM PDT

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