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Saturday, May 17, 2008
Daylight Robbery!!!

   I've been robbed! You heard me, ROBBED!!! Okay, it goes something like this... I was walking together with my colleague to lunch. It was a 5 minutes walk. We reached the food court as usual. I went to the back of the line to this particular Malay stall. I ordered my food and when I was paying for my food, BAM!!! I been robbed...

What I ate for lunch...

   OMG, just look at the plate... What you think it is? Well, its a Malay food obviously... THAT COST ME FREAKING TWICE THE PRICE compare to what I usually eat. I been ROBBED!!! If it taste at least good then I don't mind paying the price BUT!!!... Okay lets do a little analysis shall we? Two pieces of Rendang, a few pieces of potato and Malay style fried egg?


   The rendang is almost dried, DRIED!!! Have you ever eat any gravy-less rendang? And the fried egg... Tasteless malay style fried egg... Potato, rotting potato to be precise. It is seriously damn hard to chew on it...  Sambal... This is certainly the worst sambal ever if you call that a sambal!

Which part of this looks like a sambal?

    Daylight robbery!!! I can get Japanese food, McDonald value meal, KFC value meal and alot more with that price...  And I don't even understand why there is a long line for it. I thought it would taste good, but then its damn dissapointing... DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!

Posted at 12:03 am by Josh524

Josh to icy
May 20, 2008   02:50 PM PDT
Is not fair right? At least give us value for our food right right?
I decided to boycott Malay food already... at that particular stall...
May 20, 2008   12:56 PM PDT
All mamak nasi kandar cost that much.. .i wonder why too....their chicken doesn't seem bigger, fish doesn't taste fresher, vegetable doesn't seem approachable..... but hehe... i sometimes still go there eat... maybe it's the "indian mamak" smell that's cost us tat much...:p
PS: no offend to indian guys here..
Josh to faizal
May 18, 2008   12:57 AM PDT
Hi there!

Yes I truly agree with you. I don't mind paying more for food as long as it taste good.

I can get way more better food with that price in Malaysia...
May 17, 2008   03:43 PM PDT
hi there,

thats so unlucky, sometimes, food really has unexpected price.

i kinda hate it too when food to expensive.
Josh to QuaChee
May 17, 2008   11:59 AM PDT
But then, if the spices are expensive shouldn't it taste at least above average? Grr.... I am still mad at it...
May 17, 2008   01:06 AM PDT
somehow malay food is usually more expensive - im just guessing its the spices :)

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