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Sunday, May 25, 2008
The Horny Guy's Birthday

    Its the birthday of yours truly! Why horny guy? You'll get to know the story later on... Anyway, did not celebrate my birthday in any grand way. My mum and sis came down to Singapre so we dine together. ^_^

    Of course, I would like to say thank you to all you guys out there that wishes me happy birthday. First, thanks to those who wishes me in my chatbox. Second, here are the two sms I received...

This guy here is studying at Johor, and informed me he's
back in Kajang while I am in Singapore... Anyway, thanks Tan!

Pek San, on her way to the airport to send Clara off.
Thank you Pek San for your wish!

    Oh ya, thanks Clara for wishing me in your blog! So nice of you to take some time off your 'busy' schedule to dedicate an entry for me. ^_^

    Not forgetting those who wishes me in Facebook. I am quite surprised that I received wishes from some of them, as we seldom see or talk to each other that much. But anyhow I truly appreciate it. ^_^

Thank you Gabriel, Jiahui and Isaac for the wishes!

Thanks to my sister, Suet Ling & Darrick for the wishes!

Eu-Ling, Eelaine and Joey, thanks for the wishes!

Fang Chin, Lauren and Wan Yong, thank you for the wishes!

    Now here is the origin story of the horny's guy birthday. The last birthday wish in facebook was from Yen-Ee. Appreciate that but then this is what he written...

Try to be less horny? Am I always horny?

    Psychological thinking, the moment he mentioned less horny; my testosterone hormone kicks into action! Pictures of all the idols that I idolize came into my mind...

And the list go on...

    He told me to be less horny and wish that my wishes will come true... Its quite contradict since one of my wishes is to meet them which eventually put me in the horny position and thus I can't be less horny? Haha...

    Anyway, thanks to everyone who wishes me yesterday. Really appreicate it.

I am another year older!!!

Posted at 03:52 pm by Josh524

June 4, 2008   03:40 PM PDT
Hmm! happy belated birthday! ANd i love how the way you write! :D

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