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Saturday, July 07, 2007
About Love...

    No no no... This is not the post about my love. Its about a photographing session directed/originated/personalised/arranged by Xia Zhennan. All of this photos are personally taken by Mr. Xia, so copyright reserved o. BTW, the model of course is me together with my brother Pek San.

    In case for those who can't read what is written in the introduction, it says...

It is the season of cyan, wind slight knock at the window,
soft as the vernal rill just thaw after the long winter.
It is the season of memory, sunshine spill on the ground,
give trees and flowers light with shinning golden color,
like the old photo, telling us the story of yesterday.
It is the season of Love.... cyan and full with memory...

    Okay, some introduction about 'About Love'. This photoshoot was originated way back in March if I am not mistaken. Xia Zhennan wanted to enter this photography competition and already chose Pek San as the female model. As for the guy model, I am not the first choice but eventually stuffs happened and lucky me I am the chosen one. Hehe... I think his work got second place for the photography competition. Good job man! Here's the photoshots of the About Love's love story(with a short description of each photo)

Guy meets girl. Guy like girl. Girl notice guy too.

Guy get to know girl

Guy and girl get closer to each other

Guy give girl present, and ask the girl to be his girlfriend

The girl agreed

Guy and girl go out together

Guy and girl spending most of their time with each other

Guy family need to shift away. Guy and girl argue

Guy and girl starting to distance from each other

Girl like and hate guy at the same time

Guy ask for forgiveness, girl refuse

Guy leave without saying anything

Girl was all alone after the guy left

Happy ending if the guy is still together with the girl

The people involve in About Love

    It was truly a great and fun experience for me. First time 'dancing' and photoshooting under the rain. First time feels like a model... Well, not really a true model... But then it still feels good to be part of the photoshot. Hehe...

Posted at 12:03 am by Josh524

Josh to pekz
August 14, 2008   01:53 AM PDT
No need to feel paiseh wor. If don't have this then no more J mui and S kor right? ^_^
August 12, 2008   11:57 PM PDT

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