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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
The NBA Finals!!!

    The time is here. Finally, the East will go face to face with the West. The two most historically successful team meet up once again in the NBA Finals. in just a couple of days, the Boston Celtics will be facing off against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Finally the finals is here!

    Lets take position by position comparison shall we? First of all, at the point guard spot, its the veteran against a sophomore player.

Rajan Rondo, 22 against the veteran Derek Fisher, 32

    10 years in between this 2 player, alot of critics saying the Celtics will suffer as Rondo is too inexperience to direct the offense. Rondo asnwered back the critics, by outplaying his veteran counterparts, Mike Bibby in the first round and Chauncey Billups in the Eastern finals. He has proven that he is a force to be reckon with.

    Derek Fisher on the other hand, has won 3 championship with the Lakers. He did the impossible by hitting the game winnnig shot years ago with only 0.4 seconds left on the clock. Full with playoffs experience, he is a great playmaker and able to create chances for his team when the Lakers needed the most.

    Advantage to the Lakers. Although Rondo managed to keep his pace up with Bibby and Billups, Fisher is just too difficult for Rondo to handle. Fisher is much more stronger compare to the previous point guard Rondo faced before. Although Rondo is a much faster player, Fisher will be able to guard him.

The shooting guard battle, Ray Allen facing off Kobe Bryant

    Ray Allen is one of the league sharp-shooter, and surprisingly haven't even got close to winning a NBA trophy. One thing to notice is, he is a deadly scorer once he catches fire. However, he will be ice cold if he couldn't catch any rhythm during the game. Maybe his age is catching up on him. Nonetheless, he is still a player that cannot be left unguard.

    His opponent? Kobe Bryant. He is best labeled as the most explosive player in the NBA today. Previously, he is being critized as being a selfish player. However, this season he turned out to be a player who knows when to score and help his teammate to get better. Overshadowed by his offensive output, he turns out to be a great defensive player as well.

    With Kobe in his prime time now, there is no way Allen can match up 1 on 1 with Kobe. Kobe have the ability to drive through Ray Allen and to tightly guard him at the defensive end. Ray Allen just can't outplay Kobe in this series. The Celtics need to give Ray Allen some help.

At the small forward, we have Paul Pierce and Vladimir Radmanovic

    Paul Pierce is a natural shooting guard playing at small forward. Which means, he is able to shoot behind the 3-point line and able to slash in to the rim. Consider to be at the peak of his career, he will play his best at his first ever NBA finals. Throughout the NBA season, his defensive ability have increases as well.

    Vladimir Radmanovic on the other hand is a natrual power forward playing at the small forward position. Known for his shooting ability, he is most comfortable playing at the perimeter.  Radmanovic is the kind of player that can give a huge contribution one minute and dissapear in another.

    Comparing these two players, Pierce have the upper hand. Radmanovic is weak in his defense. Therefore, for him to keep up with Pierce will be a tough assignment. Furthermore, its hard for a natural power forward to chase around a shooting guard on the defensive end. As for Pierce, he have the length to bother Radmanovic shooting. Thus, Pierce will have a huge advantage on Radmanovic.

Kevin Garnett & Lamar Odom at the power forward spot

    Kevin Garnett spend just only his first season on the Celtics. He won the defensive player award this year and successfully guide the Celtics to a 66 wins season. Known for his versatility, he is a monster in scoring, rebounding, shot-blocking, assisting, stealing and defending.

    Lamar Odom on the other hand, is a natural small forward playing on the power forward position. He too does abit of everything, but not as impressive as Garnett. The reason he is playing the power forward position is that Radmanovic is consider too soft on that position. That means, Odom has a much stronger body.

    Anyhow, Garnett will be able to come out victorious against Odom. As said, Garnett ability is far more greater than Odom. Garnett's long arms will be able to bother Odom's shooting. Garnett can be as quick as Odom, which is rare for someone tall.(Garnett is listed at 6-11 but he could be well over 7 feet)

At Center, Kendrick Perkins will be battling out with Pau Gasol

    Kendrick Perkins, a fourth year player who just have only average stats throughout the years. Even though his stats aren't impressive, he is full of motivation to play hard every game. He appears to be better on the defensive end. He is a traditional center, which means his movement will be abit slow.

    Fresh to the Lakers, Pau Gasol is acquired before the trade deadlline. He fits in well with the Lakers famous triangle offense. He is able to play under the paint and shoot from mid range. Defensive wise, he is a pretty good defender whois able to defend opponent's big man.

    Clearly the Gasol have the advantage over Perkins. Gasol can shoot from mid range, which forces Perkins to guard Gasol out from the post. Once Perkins is outside, Gasol is able dribble to the basket himself or pass the ball to his slashing in teammate.

Comparing the Celtics bench and the Lakers bench

    On the Celtics bench, we have veterans such as James Posey, Sam Casell and P.J. Brown. They have playoffs experience and that will prove to be vital. Glen Davis is just an example of young guns in the Celtics bench. The young guns will provide speed and stamina when the starter are resting. Thus, the Celtics have a pretty good mixture of playoffs veterans and young players.

    The Lakers bench consist of players who have been around the league for quite some time and is playing termendously in the playoffs. Jordan Farmar, Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic and Ronny Turiaf have given their previous opponent some hard time. Everyone is impressive as how the Lakers bench mature throughout the playoffs.

    The Lakers bench will have a slight advantage over the Celtics bench. Lakers have a more well balanced bench compare to the Celtics. The Lakers bench are known for their efficiency to keep up with the opponents when the starters are resting. As for the Celtics bench, the veterans might be outrun and the young players might be outsmart during the game.

    The final verdict? I think the Lakers will win the NBA finals. This will be the year for the Lakers to prove that they are no pushover. As for the Celtics, they have a terrific trio in Pierce, Allen and Garnett that have not even reach the NBA finals yet. They will need to play hard every game to overcome the Lakers.

Posted at 09:46 am by Josh524

Josh to joshuaongys
June 3, 2008   11:22 PM PDT
I do hope the Celtics will win as well. I like KG more compare to Kobe. ^_^

Lets see who will reach 4 wins first.
June 3, 2008   10:36 AM PDT
i'll go for celtics!! its like so long since they have become champions...

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