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Friday, June 06, 2008
Mike Miller trade rumor

    Warning, this entry contains many NBA terms. The Celtics just won game 1 of the finals today and there is already countless talks regarding the upcoming NBA drafts. For newbies to NBA, NBA drafts means teams will pick new players into their team accordingly to their win-loss record. The 14 teams that did not make the playoffs will be picking ahed of the 16 teams that made the playoffs.

David Stern will be announcing which team picks who in the NBA drafts

    I heard trade rumors about my favourite player, Mike Miller. I've been a fan of Miller ever since he was picked 5th overall in the 2001 NBA draft by the Orlando Magics. For 3 years in Orlando, he's been a great sidekick to superstar Tracy McGrady.

The good old days...

    Up to this season, McGrady is with the Rockets and Miller with the Grizzlies. Former teammates are now opponent in the same division.

Teammates no more...

    Its appear that there is an ongoing rumor that the Grizzlies will be sending Miller and Kyle Lowry to Miami Heats for the 2nd pick and Mark Blount. The Grizzlies will get a big man they desperate need in Mark Blount and they can draft Michael Beasley with the 2nd pick, giving them an athletic & young power forward.

    Miller will be able to help the Heats as he is able to defend, shoot, and find an open teammate. Lowry will be able to help in the sense that the Heats have no true point guard under contract. I would love to see Miller teaming up with Dwayne Wade and form another soild duo. Make that trio if Shawn Marion extends his contract.

Terrific trio in the making?

Posted at 07:29 pm by Josh524

Josh to Ken
June 8, 2008   10:00 PM PDT
Well, they just threw away their best player. Might as well throw away their second best player in Miller so that Miller can AT LEAST play for a team that can compete for the championship

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