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Thursday, June 05, 2008
Petrol price officially RM2.70 per liter...

    Say goodbye to RM1.92 per liter petrol. Give a warm bloody cold welcome to RM2.70 per liter petrol... To counter the increase, the government offer a so called rebate per vehicle annually.

Article taken from here

    Lets do a simple math... If on average a consumer needs to pump RM300 worth of petrol per month, with the new price hike consumer will need to spend RM420 per month! Thats RM120 increase in fuel per month! Which means consumer need to spend an extra RM1,440 per year! Even with the cash rebate worth of RM625, it could not even cover half of the RM1,440...

    This is simply outrages... Look at the "reaction" from some people recorded by The Star crew... Click here for the video. DId you watch the video? If you did, do you absolutely agree with them?

Agree with him?

    "We are business people, we have to travel. So the cost of living will go up. And automatically all the price are going to go up. The income are still the same but the cost of living is going up."

    Heard what he commented?

    "So I think what the government should address is... Now that you have reduced the subsidies, where are the saving going to be spend on. And I think they have not yert address that issue."

    YES! RIGHT ON THE SPOT! WILLIAM TAN IS DA BOMB MAN! He asked that one question that every Malaysian wanted to know!!!



    I believe that every driver and potential driver in Malaysia are dying to know where will be the saving are going to be spend on. Are they going to spend on the bullet train project in between KL to Singapore? Are they going to use it to finance the second Penang bridge? Heck, even if they want to donate the savings to the Myanmar or China victims just announce it to the public. What everyone wants to know is where the will savings end up.

    Don't just keep quiet and let this issue die out. It won't!!!

Posted at 12:02 am by Josh524


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