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Monday, July 09, 2007
Job? Work? Something to do?

    Its been about one month since I finished my studies... AND I have yet to get a job... Argh... Went for two interviews only... Both also say will contact me if I am shortlisted for the second interview. Around this time last year, I was working in Standard Chartered Bank(SCB for short). Can't believe I already known them for a year... It seems like it just happened yesterday.

    Here's the introduction of the people who spent time working/crapping/drinking/gossiping/blurring with each other.

Esther a.k.a. the boss

Myself a.k.a. the crapper

Isaac a.k.a. the drinker

Brian a.k.a. the sleeper

Joshua a.k.a. the guy from the other department

    Well, it was Isaac who initially started to work under Esther. Me and Brian join about 2weeks later than Isaac. Joshua came along(to another department) after about a month later. It was kinda fun add in with some chaotic moment. Besides than the classified-bank-work-that-I-am-not-allowed-to-discuss-here, we did some other fun  stuffs too. Examples are such as...

Preparing the invitation cards for a particular workshop

Creatively use whatever around us to come out with a brand new product

Learn how to take pro photos
(no soft toys were harm in the process of photographing)

Becoming part time models/posers

Our boss decided to join in the fun of modelling/posing

    Well, the three of us work until the summer break end. Joshua continue on to work until his Australia intake starts(FYI, Brian and Joshua are secondary school buddies) On the final day, Brian feel 'sayang' to leave behind his...

Office sleeping spot?
Shades(Bet some of you guess Joshua right?)Shades

    Those were the days...

Having lunch together on the last day

Posted at 12:02 am by Josh524


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