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Monday, June 16, 2008
Coffee have the potential to kill me...

    Historically, coffee works damn fine on me. When i was younger, I can stay up all night even if I consumed coffee-flavour ice cream! But as i grow older, I can slowly adapt to having coffee ice cream, and enjoy Starbucks and Coffee Bean. However, pure coffee drink still works wonder on me... I  drank two  canned coffee  yesterday noon, and there are 3 side effects on me up until now...

I dare not take coffee on Sunday noon anymore...

    Side effect 1: Gained a momentarily mind boost. But there is no energy boost to the body. Hence, this causes insomnia... Imagine rolling around on your bed trying to find a best sleeping position... BUT you simply can't! Your brain will still be hyperactive thus unable to send the "go to sleep" signal to your body. That is what happened to me last night...

I missed my Sunday dreams

    Side effect 2: I inheritaged the Panda eye overnight and my body is still damn tired but my mind still refused to cool down. I can hardly work well today... And I still need to struggle for 4 more hours before the end of office hour.

I don't dare to drink coffee just for the fun of it anymore

    Side effect 3: This might be very weird, but then its true... Whenever I go to pee, the pee will smell like coffee. I don't know about you guys but this really happens to me! Don't ask me if its taste like coffee cause I don't even think about trying it...

Toilet break = coffee break?

    So I guess you all can imagine my condition now... Working performance damn low for today. Every toilet trip is like a trip to the coffee making factory. I looked worse compare to other normal day. And all this because of 2 canned coffee... Die die die...

Posted at 01:57 pm by Josh524

Josh to serene
June 18, 2008   07:35 PM PDT
It is deadly to me. Haha... I thought i can overcome it by facing it, but guess I was wrong. >_<
June 17, 2008   12:45 PM PDT
haha.. u made it sound so deadly! Drink in moderation lar.. and dun drink at night if the effect is so strong on you.. take care and dun become like the kungfu panda (without the kungfu).. haha

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