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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Boston Celtics is the Champion!


Its all over!

    Boston Celtics defeated the Los Angeles Lakers to become the NBA Champion! Too bad, I am unable to watch it live as the match is being play during night over at US, which means about 9am Singapore time. I only get to "enjoy" the live text commentary and the score breakdown.

The Celtics community celebrating upon winning

    The Boston Celtics play the final game with style. They managed to win by a margin of 40points! The Boston big 3 play essentially well.

Kevin Garnett having a monstrous night,
ending up with 26 points and 14 rebounds

Ray Allen is deadly from the 3-point line again, hitting 7 of 9 3-pointers

Paul Pierce did not score as much as the other two,
but he earned himself the Finals MVP trophy

    As for the Lakers, they did not play well for the game. Other than Kobe Bryant who scored 22 points, the other Lakers scored less than 15 points each. The Lakers did not shoot well also, as Kobe only managed to hit 9 out of 22 shot attempts. The other Lakers starter only totalled up for 25 shot attempts....

Kobe have an off shooting night...

The Celtics keep on going at the Lakers

    The Lakers have many reason to be unhappy. First, they rely on Kobe at the offensive end too much. Second, the other Lakers dare not to try and shoot more when they misses. The Lakers did not rebound well as a team, as the Celtics outrebounded them 48 to 29.

Too bad for the Lakers...

Kobe have to try again the next season

    The Lakers are labelled as the favourites to win the NBA final. Maybe that is why the Celtics are more determined to prove the critics wrong. All that matters now is that the Celtics won the NBA finals with style. And its the first ever championship for most of the current Celtics player.

Congratulation to the Boston Celtics!

    All photos are taken from here.

Posted at 07:01 pm by Josh524


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