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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
A very quick post to show that I am still alive in Japan

    Konichiwa from Japan! I am currently in Ninomiya, Kanagawa. Staying in the company dormitory, which have no internet access! OMG, I can only count on all the movies I bring together to provide me with some entertainment during night time. Going to Tokyo for the weekend. Can’t wait for that!

    Well, I am somehow an alien here in Japan. They spoke mostly Japanese and I can only understand a few common words. Have to count on my senior who came together with me to translate what they are talking about. They cannot pronounce Josh, thus they gave me a Japanese name…

Its pronounce something like Joshie.

    Have to be a short entry since I am blogging in from the company. Will update more whenever the opportunity arises! Take care all!

Posted at 08:48 am by Josh524

Josh to TNH
June 27, 2008   07:58 AM PDT
Thanks! But as long as you know how to read and speak Japanese you will be able to survive. ^_^
Josh to CY
June 27, 2008   07:57 AM PDT
Yeshie? Come Japan lar.
Nobody stop you from coming. ^_^
June 25, 2008   04:05 PM PDT
although i do learn japanese language but it still difficult for me to understand a real japanese speak japanese language...they just speak too fast till i can't catch..so nice to have a trip to go japan...
June 25, 2008   01:39 PM PDT
josshu.... ahahaha

me also wanna go japan T__T

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