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Friday, June 27, 2008
Another quick update from Japan

    Its already been 6 days since I first arrive in Japan. But I still haven't go out and explore the city area of Japan. Going to do that soon tomorrow! Oh yeah!

    One thing I am not used to in Japan is their method of writting the date. Take a look at the photo below...

500ml Coca-cola from Japan

    Usually, we will assume that the expiry date is on 9th of March 2007. But actually its not. If you think thats the manufacturing date, you are wrong also.

    Japan tends to write in year/month/day format. So the above Coke is going to expire on 7th March 2009. One of the many things I need to get use to in Japan. ^_^

Posted at 07:45 am by Josh524


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