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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
A highlight from the past

    I am starting to miss UNiM study life already. All the cheers, laughter, gossip, teasing, hanging out, 'siow'ing... and lots more. I am missing you guys already!!!

    I currently have no idea what should I put here, so here is a highlight event from the final semester. Water Festival!!! Hehe...

    My first time ever becoming the organizing chairperson for such event. I know many flaws and mistakes here and there. But hey, there's room for the future organizer. Wink

    Here are some of the highlight from day one of the Water Festival.

Blind folded participants need to 'search and destroy' water balloons

Going through obstacles while handling a full cup of water

Using chopsticks to pick up marbles

Travelling with a water balloon in between one another

Catching a water balloon with a bucket

Looking for 'treasure' underneath the bucket

    Thats about all the event for the first day. The top four team with the most point advance to the second day. Of course, we the committee does not missed out on the fun. We enjoy bombarding each other with water balloons after the event.

Most notably from Justin to Guen Ai

The group photo

    For the second day, we have a Water War event before the final four of the Water Festival teams compete against one another.

Waiting for the other teams who seems to have time zone differences

Getting in to the 'battle arena'

Team tactics differs from one another

The president, Siew Kian with the winning team

    Finally, after much delay it was time for the final four teams to battle it out in Water Festival.

Transferring water overhead from bottom to top

Water + People = Sean enjoying the scene

Smash the balloon overhead before answering

The team that come in first

    I know I know... There is many area that can be improve and contestants were complaining about their aching stomach all the time. Anyway, thank you to everyone for participating, helping, supporting and fighting against their hunger to make this event a success. Hopefully the next organizer will do a better job. Shades

Guess whose lightning hand was taking away all the food?

Posted at 12:11 am by Josh524


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