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Tuesday, July 01, 2008
Japanese are crazy drinkers!

     The Japanese are crazy! Well, crazy in a good way. Went out to have dinner with a Japanese group last night, and they seriously drink beer like plain water.

The name of the restaurant in Japanese

    Before the food come, they already bottom's up a few glass of beer. Damn terrible. They almost drank 3 glasses when I only managed half a glass. Besides beer, there's Sake, liquor, don't know what crap hard liquor.

The place before it gets messy

    Well, some of the Japs are already damn high, then they started crapping almost anything. They crap about their life, crap about their dog, crap about their car, crap about their adventure, crap about their travelling, everything besides work. Haha...

    Don't dare to take any photos of them getting high. As I am the youngest in the bunch. What amazed me is that a dinner for 20 people in Japan can come up to almost 100 thousand yen! Thats about 1,300 SGD, or RM3,000!

    And after the dinner, a few of them still went for the second round drinking... On a Monday night... At 11pm... AND still have to report to work the next day at 8am... The Japanese are seriously crazy... In a good way. ^_^

Posted at 11:45 am by Josh524

Josh to serene
July 6, 2008   12:40 AM PDT
Japan is also my dream country! Japan very nice! But too bad there's a communication problem between me and them. So that makes the situation a bit hard
July 1, 2008   01:04 PM PDT
eh so nice! Japan is my dream country! I also wanna go!

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