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Sunday, July 06, 2008
Eu Ling the birthday girl~

     My updates about my Japan trip must be on hold first. Last year, I somehow missed out on Eu Ling's birthday entry. Thus this time die die I must make a birthday post for her here. See see Eu Ling! I remember already this year. Won't repeat the same mistake as last year. ^_^

One of the event we were in together

    Voluntereed for a few events and through those events we get to know each other better. Oh ya, she was previously known as "Dota-mui" or "Dota-girl" because she's know alot about Dota. Not sure about that now. ^_^

An ancient photo of us

I belasah her lucky star in TISCRA... Haha...

    Well, after I graduated from UNiM we only managed to went out once or twice before I came to work here in Singapore. Met her only two times this year! Once was during CNY 08 when I am back to visit UNiM and the other was UNiM Annual Dinner 08.

Trying to transform her into camwhoring mode

Doesn't she look gorgeous only on during Annual Dinner?

    Anyway, its not the amount of time that we meet each other that matters. Its about how good I am that I wishes you in my blog how we still keep in touch. ^_^ Happy birthday and cheer up girl! See you when you come to visit Singapore or when I am back to Malaysia!

Older by 1 more year again. ^_^

Posted at 01:11 am by Josh524


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