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Monday, July 07, 2008
Finally I am back from Japan

    I am back from Japan! Actually, I am back on Saturday night. Anyway, it was a fun trip/training in Japan. Been through some tough moment in Japan. Seriously, its so damn hard to survive in Japan without knowing how to speak Jap.

I stayed here for two weeks

    First of all, I am not staying in a hotel. I am staying in true Japanese style dormitory. The dormitory is call Kitada-Rio (spelling mistake maybe). Well, that don't really matter anyway as I will be only sleeping here rather than spending my free time here. ^_^


Welcome to my traditional room in Japan

    Traditional as in, the floor is tatami, wooden closet like those in Ju-On, no table, no chairs etc... Of course I am not sleeping on the tatami. They provide blankets and a thin mattress for me.

At least they provide TV and water boiler

    Worst thing of all, there is no internet connection! But lucky me there is a "kind" Japanese living nearby who did not put password to access his/her wireless connection. Hehe...

First look at the room

After invasion by yours truly

    Abit about my workplace. I have to walk for about 15minutes to my workplace. Walking a straight road is one thing, but walking up a slope is so damn tiring!

This is the slope I need to go up to reach the office

    I won't talk much about my work. Speaking of work... I need to work tomorrow... So until next time! Will update about my sight seeing in various Japan city!

Posted at 12:02 am by Josh524

Josh to CY
July 13, 2008   02:17 PM PDT
I am working in Hitachi High Techie.
July 13, 2008   08:41 AM PDT
u dint tell me..
coz the 1st pic there got write;" hitachi haitegu" hitachi high tech?
Josh to CY
July 8, 2008   10:12 AM PDT
Yap. I didn't tell you before? I thought I did...
July 7, 2008   10:45 PM PDT
u work in hitachi

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