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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Weekend out around Tokyo area

    Went to Tokyo to spend the weekend during my stay in Japan. Practically, I only have one full Saturday & Sunday. On Saturday, me and my colleague Edward took the earliest possible train ride to Tokyo area.

Sleeping in the train, guess who's faking it? ^_^

    Just for your information, my dorm is nearest to Ninomiya station, that means about an hour of train ride to Tokyo. And the train line in Tokyo is damn confusing as some don't reach a particular station even though its along the line, some need to pay extra fare just for the sake of a more comfortable ride and some will takes longer time to reach the destination.

Look at the freaking huge map! And its in Japanese!
And I don't understand Japanese!

    Lucky me, Edward understand Japanese words. The small red circle is the place where I am staying. The big red circle is the place we are heading to. The big red circle is the innest place in Japan. Its somewhat the city center and places of interets are within that circle line. The circle line stations look something like this...

Yet more Japanese! I need some Japs lesson now...

Lucky that they provide the English translation of the station name

    Anyway, our first stop is Akihabara. Yes, the place where the bugger went on a rampage. I passed through the memorial but then did not take any photo of it as there is alot of people paying their respect. Aside from that, I did try on the famous Mister Donut as reccomended by some bloggers who visited Japan.

Don't really have the X-factor, but worth the try

    One more thing about Akihabara... I just have to mentioned this. They have a lot of AV/hentai/porno shop. Be it a basement shop, a hidden underground shop or a 5 storey shop full of AVs! Not going to go into much details of that...

Spot it, there are two adults within this photo

    I forgot to mentioned... There is alot of people handing out flyers and brochures. Most of them are females and they dressed up like comic characters. Maids, cowgirls, warrior girls, you name it. Too bad they don't allow passerby to take photo with them...

But they can't stop me from taking candid photo! ^_^

    Should have take a candid photo of the cowgirl... She's the most stylish one. Anyway, was at Akihabara until about 3pm. Then we decided to check in our hotel. Took the confusing train line to Ueno and then from there change train to Asakusa. FYI, there are at least 23 train lines in Japan, thus changing train line can be a hassle. Our hotel was nothing very fancy. just a place sufficient enough to take bath and sleep. AND the bloody TV cost 100 yen per 2 hours...

Small but just nice to spend the night sleeping here

    We rather spend the 100yen to buy drinks. Anyway, we rested until about 7pm and off we go to Roppongi. Roppongi is one of the well known night spot in the area. There was a lot of foreign bouncer who keep on promoting their kinky club. They go something like "Buddy, XXXX yen to see topless ladies. Very affordable". Of course there is the normal clubs where people go there to chill, drink and dance. Too bad, i didn't go into any one of those.

Roppongi area.

    Dare not to take the photo nearby the club as there was a fight that just end up. We saw a foreign guy kena body search by the cops. Wouldn't want to see what happen next. Then, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in that area and I got myself a Hard Rock cap!

Suspicious character? Cool dude?
Failed poser posing?

Hard Rock Cafe was further behind the Hard Rock Shop

    After we visit Hard Rock, off we go by foot to the Tokyo Tower. Its about 20 minutes walking time. Along the way we went passed a guard and he greeted us "Kombawa". Well its very nice of him indeed. ^_^

Halfway to Tokyo Tower

    Did not expect much since Edward told me that Tokyo Tower usually closes at 8pm. However, when we reached there we saw a long queue roughly about 200 people waiting to go up to the tower. And it was already 9.30pm! Maybe they extend their working hours during weekend? We thought we might have the chance to go up but then it closes by 10.30pm. So we just went one round around the tower and took some photos.

Taken right below the tower

I was here!

    We decided to call it a night after that and we went back to the hotel. By the time we reached the hotel it was almost 12am... We was so damn tired since we walked roughly about 10 hours for the day.

    Well, that wraps up of what I did on Saturday during my travel to Tokyo. Will blog about Sunday soon!

Posted at 09:56 am by Josh524


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