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Friday, July 11, 2008
Sunday in Tokyo

    After much excitment from the first day, I have to say that the second day is not really that smooth. It started to rain even before I go out from the hotel. Its the rainy season in Japan and the rain there will be a day long... Not like it will rain a few minutes/hours and stop...

Why must it rain...

    Started my journey to the Asakusa temple. Nothing much to do there since its raining and my hand is carrying an umbrella and my luggage on the other.

See see, everyone is holding an umbrella

    Wouldn't want to go nearer as will surely end up in umbrella fight. Sad case... Went to the nearby oriental bazaar to get some stuffs before we proceed to the next stop.

Look at that Giant slipper! Is it going to
stomp the sulky face boy?

    Next stop is Ueno, the so called more affordable shopping area. This area is mainly concentrated on clothes. Cheaper range of clothes to be exact and to be frank, its not really that cheap! All the clothes are at least 3500 yen and above.

See the photo properly, you can see the rain drops

    Thought of getting some statements shirt but then couldn't find any outstanding one. Anyway, I don't find that spending 3500 yen/SGD46/RM110 on a plain statement T is that cheap.

Umbrella everywhere...

    After Ueno, off we go to Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is one of the place where young people will like to go. Everyday, there will be some groups of youngster playing/singing publicly.

With weather like this, absolutely no way that will happen

    Went to a store called Tokyu Hands at there. This store is damn huge! It has everything from model kits product to lifestyle improvement and DIY items! Of course, my focus is on the model kits department, taking my time to admire the Final Fantasy figure.

i am amazed with the range of products they offer

    Went to Shinjuku after i satisfy admiring the figures. When we reached there, there was many traffic police directing traffics. At first I thought they are trying to ease the traffics. But in fact, they are trying to draw away drivers from a demonstration.

People taking flags and demonstrate even though its raining

    No idea what they are demonstrating for at that moment. After a brief kepoh moment, went to Japan's Kinokuniya. Just went for a walk without getting myself anything. A short walk around and then off we went to the train station to catch our train back to Ninomiya.

The clouds covering up the buidling which I think its cool. ^_^

    Finally reached Ninomiya at around 9pm. And its still raining! My Sunday is being spoilt by the continuous non stop raining... And thats the end of my tour around Tokyo. Seriously, does not enjoy the second day as much as the first day. >_<

Posted at 09:34 pm by Josh524

Josh to Calvin
July 13, 2008   02:16 PM PDT
Haha, I did not went for vacation. Company sent me for training there. I can't choose the date. >_<
July 11, 2008   09:57 PM PDT
You should have known that this is NOT the time to visit Japan. I personally think that the spring is the best time to have a vacation here ;)

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