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Monday, July 14, 2008
Makan around Japan

    I like the foods in Japan. All this time I like to eat sushi but the weird thing is i didn't get to eat any proper sushi meal throughout the my 2 weeks stay in Japan. Heard that the sushi ingredient is from high qualities and thus it will be damn expensinve...

    Besides sushi, the other well known food in Japan is the Bento set. I spent most of my dinner eating Bento set. It is available at any convinient store around Japan. With its wide variety and affordable price, its always an enjoyable meal. ^_^

Abit messy since I taken it out hastily from the plastic bag...

Aren't you drooling saliva right now? ^_^

    There was once I had a lunch with 2 ex-GM together with Edward. Its a high class Bento set and seriously there's a difference...

Can't take pics during eating since its
somehow consider rude in front of the GMs

    Oh ya, then there's the ramen and Japanese curry. Japan's curry is not spicy at all but it is rich and deep in flavour. You can actually smell the thick curry aroma from afar. A common food around Japan.

Hot but not spicy curry, not that bad. ^_^

    Then there's this Okonomiyaki or some people call it Japanese Pizza. You pick the ingredient, you be the cook, you taste your own product. The cooking process is damn fun. They have a grilling panel on the table and customer will have to do the cooking. The price is depending on the ingredient, one bowl of ingredient ranging from 500yen to 1000yen. Its  a must try once you reached in Japan. ^_^

Choose from the list of available ingredient, stir and mix it up

Pour it down the grilling panel and flip it over whenever neccessary

Then decorate with some topping, I use mayonnaise to
write the letter "J". ^_^

    I tried Mc D's in Japan also. They have this shrimp burger that I don't think its available in anywhere else. Shrimps in Japan are called Ebi, thus the burget is Ebi Filet.

The Mc D's set minus the fries

There is really alot of shrimps inside the burger!

    I also tried the Mc D's breakfast in Narita airport while waiting for my flight back. The burger aren't buns, they are pancake. Relatively small but its good enough to fill my stomach in the morning. ^_^

Notice the "M" on the top of the pancake?

    I tried some other foods as well but most of the time I did not manage to take photo of it as its a group outting with all the Japanese. You know lar, since its my first time its not really good for me to stop everyone from eating while I shamelessly take the photos of the food. Hehe...

    I tried some ice cream in Japan also. Although not too fancy, but its relatively cheap.

Drumstick for 100 yen only!

    Not to forget, i tried a set lunch that have a mixture of Chinese + Japanese style. its located in Asakusa, and I dunno whats the name as yours truly have no clue how to understand Japanese language. But, I can tell you I had spicy Ebi. ^_^

Appetizer, main course and dessert for only about 800yen!

    I am getting hungrier posting this post... Thats all for now. Off to find something to satisfy my stomach. Hehe...

Posted at 07:33 pm by Josh524

Josh to JunJun-Riko
August 1, 2008   10:56 PM PDT
Thanks! Hehe. When I see you then I belanja you makan lar ok? ^_^

Your msg is viewable in the cbox d. Sometimes blogdrive slow slow de... So need to wait a while.
July 31, 2008   12:57 PM PDT
hello.. i was here... love ur post.. especially the one makan around japan... very yummy ler.. *sob* when belanja me? XD
btw, i cant leave msg in ur cbox de? lol.. *confused*
Josh to serene
July 30, 2008   09:53 PM PDT
Yes! It is indeed very yummy. How I wish I am still in Japan. >_<
July 30, 2008   02:25 PM PDT
Gosh! all the food looks damn yummy man!

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