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Friday, July 18, 2008
Japanese Englishy

    I found out that the Japanese seldom speaks English to the public unless we as the public ask question in English. Even if that happened, they will try as hard as they can to think of the proper English word before they speak.

    How should I put this, some of them tends to be over flowerly with their words. No offense to the Japanese, but here are some of the sentences that I come across. And until today I can hardly understand what they are trying to say...

The razor blade from the hotel...

    Does that means we are under the clear skies, I will sing my song when I am together with myself? How come suddenly we and then suddenly got me only?

The soap from the hotel...

    Its late and I am waiting. Through the long night with you. But who am I waiting? Not you?

    And the most senseless is the following...

Nice cat though. ^_^

    What I derived from the sentences are the cat like a walk. But the rainy day is lonely since the cat don't go outside. If it goes to the park, there are many friends. Then playing ball in the rain with everyone is pleasant.

    First it is "I" then dunno how it become "it"... Then the rainy day "boh song" the cat if the cat don't want to go out. If the cat go to the park during rainy day,  there got many friends. I assume those friends are cats but it turns out to be human since "everybody" is pleasant when the cat play ball with them. Football? Basketball?

    Damn confusing...

Posted at 11:31 pm by Josh524


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