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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Die die also must at least update once a week...

    Another "to-show-that-I-am-alive" post. Been seriously busy ever since I been back from Japan. Hope there will be a breathing space for me soon. Anyway, I made a promise to myself to at least update my blog once a week.

    If you are a horny guy/girl/gay/les with nothing to do in Japan, drop by any stores you nearby you and you can easily find something like this...

Porno mags in convenient stores...

    Well, these are from a so-called family convenient store. And you wouldn't even want to know what kind of porn they have in those porno-specialized store.

    Just a short post to make the unhory people become hornier. ^_^

Posted at 09:43 pm by Josh524

Josh to penangdude
August 1, 2008   10:50 PM PDT
Haha, porn man is a very "hard" career to catch up with. So better don't get involve in it. LOL
July 31, 2008   07:12 AM PDT
haha!!! we all love it!!! have u buy some? kakaka... nice to be in Japan rite!! u should have go there to try as a porn man!!! hehe... just kidding!!!

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