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Thursday, July 12, 2007
I am going to Penang!!

    Yes people. I am going to Penang tomorrow. So that means I will not be updating the blog for a few days. To keep my *cough cough* loyal readers occupied, here is a website I would like to share with you all.

My Heritage

    Enter the site, then click on the face recognition link on the top. Well, from there on you will know what to do. It can find out which famous face that resembles you! Or you resembles whose famous face. Anyway, it is fun and give it a try. Here is some samples.

Me with William at Tioman

    And here is the result. *drum rolls*...

My face recognition result

William's face recognition result

    I can hear screams and complaints. I know people will complain that I DON'T look like Lee Hom or Hyori or Mandy Moore AT ALL right? But what to do, the face recognition says so. Hehe...

    BTW, notice that William have more guy's resemblance compare to me... Does that mean I look more like a girl? Gr...

    Here's another test... This is a more 'so called' yeng photo of myself.

Me and Jiahui at Annual Dinner 2007, and the result is...

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng...

    She does not have a single guy's face resemblance at all! 90% look alike Fiona Xie? Very asian matches with the likes of Sung Hi Lee, Joey Yung and Miriam Yeung. Guys do me a favor, please don't bug me for her phone number okay? Apart from that, my face recognition result is...


    Leslie Cheung pula... Why me and William look like Leslie Cheung meh? OMG, I DO LOOK LIKE RAIN! HAHAHA... Sure someone must be screaming like mad d... I am not lying lar brother... If you don't believe you can try it out yourself ok? I look like Zhang Ziyi and Sammi Cheng also... Er... Do I?

    The uniqueness of this face recognition thing is that it can even scan funny looking faces photo! To be fair, I will put up some of my funny looking photos... TOGETHER WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Muahaha...

Me and Isaac trying to look funny, and the result...

Only Isaac got result because...

    This face recognition thing does a scan on the whole face before searching for face matches.The FIRST thing it scan for are the eyes. Without clear view of the eyes, they won't search for any matches. So that's why there is no result for me.

    Back to Isaac's.... OMG, 73%(highest %) looks like Gisele?!?!?! Bae Yong-Jun is still acceptable but GISELEwhich is the?!?!?!? Speechless... Guys, don't go woo him because he looks like Gisele. Girls, don't go whack him because he looks like Gisele. Or should it be the other way around?Tongue

    One more of my funny photo, this time with Wendy a.k.a. Gisele fan 'c'. Sure she will be screaming mad when she see Isaac's result.

Taken during the first year in UNiM

My face recognition result...

    Alan Tam again. Fuiyo, Keanu Reeves. Bagus bagus. Tata Young??? Thats odd... Do I really look like all the female celebrities mentioned? I don't think so right? But for the guys, *cough cough* the result is okay la *cough cough* Shades

Wendy's result

    See see, no guy's resemblance again. Why girls get all famous female matches and higher percentage than guys? Ayumi, Aya Ueto, Hirosue Ryoko... All quite huge Japanese stars...

    Okay la, here is one more solo picture of mine. You all seen this picture before in my Glasgow trip entry...

My twin?Tongue Let's see the result...

Wau... look at the result...

    No matter how funny my face looks like, I still look like Hyori??? Furthermore my matches have Ai Otsuka and Alizee... Oh come on... They are so pretty when I am all... unpretty right? Maybe I am abit like Pol Pot... I mean in that particular photo only la...

    Yes, complain or compliment me as much as you like. You can try your own face recognition too. Please don't flame me okay? Hehe...

Posted at 02:03 am by Josh524

Seow Lee
July 22, 2007   07:31 PM PDT
Well, can't blame the girls, Ai Otsuka and Alizee, if you have a girly look :)
July 17, 2007   10:12 AM PDT
WEI~~~ Its not my wish that I look like Rain okay. I just display the result only. Hehe...
July 12, 2007   06:27 PM PDT

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