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Friday, August 01, 2008
(Kinda-like) Advertorial

     A friend of mine, Stephanie just started her own business. The business? Selling Mickey Mouse MP3. I am helping her out by advertising her products here. ^_^

One of the better choice of gifts for your loved one.

    As we all known, Mickey Mouse is a house hold name. Thus, you will not regret getting this piece of MP3 for yourself or as a present to your families, friends, loved ones, neighbours,  2 ma, ku jie, 3 ku, 6 po and the list go on.

A great combination of cute and stylish gift!

    Available in 10 different colours, you can get any one of them depending on your style and personality. Cute? Go for bright colours such as the pink or the red one. Stylish? Grey or black can enhnace your stylishness even more. Classy? Try the gold or the silver coloured Mickey. In the end, there's at least one to suit your taste!

So what are you waiting for ?!

    Potential buyers have a choice between 1G, 2G or 4G. There is no need to install any software to transfer songs into Mickey, just plug it in and you are ready to go! For more details, visit Steph's site.

Go to Steph's site now!

Posted at 10:18 pm by Josh524

Josh to the fat girl
August 5, 2008   12:24 AM PDT
Go ahead and get yourself one! ^_^
the fat girl
August 4, 2008   07:47 AM PDT
wow, really cute! great for disney lovers
Josh to Steph
August 3, 2008   09:05 PM PDT
Biasa lar tu. Haha. Don't call senior lar, makes me sounds so damn old. Call back Josh can d. LOL
Josh to Faith
August 3, 2008   09:05 PM PDT
Faster go order from Stephanie! ^_^
August 2, 2008   12:19 AM PDT
hey josh! betul kawan ler.. such a gud senior! sudah graduate masih jaga aku!! thx alot!!
August 1, 2008   11:20 PM PDT
aahh~ so cute =X i want one!

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