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Tuesday, August 05, 2008
Movies & Series for the past 2 weeks...

    I been catching up the Supernatural series for the past 2 weeks! For noobs out there like me, its a series that evolves around two brothers going around the country hunting for evil supernatural stuffs that exsit.

Sam & Dean Winchester

    I know, this is quite an old series but I just started this series. That makes me a noobie noob I guess? Anyway, I am seriously stucked on this series because I have always been a fan of horror genre. The thing is, I am more to the violence kind of horror and not the ghostly kind of horror. Well, Supernatural has a well balanced of both. ^_^

Damn poser... and yet damn yeng

    Using exorcism, burning the bones with salt, rock salt bullets to fight off demons in the modern world? Man, this is just like an RPG game! Throw in some urban legend-ish stories with demons/angry spirits/ghost, this is one show that cannnot be resist.

Dean, the older brother whois a flirt and the
playful one

Sam, thinks one sided most of the time and
have this premonition ability

    Too bad what they lacking is a female lead character. Yes, I am a guy after all and a hot chick teaming up together with the Windchester brothers will be lovely. There's just once they teamed up with a hot chick, and she is Jo Harvelle, real name Alona Tal.

Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle

More on Alona Tal

    Okay okay, enough about Supernatural for now. I am in the middle of Season 2 only. ^_^ Now to the movie part... Coming up first is a horror movie. When I saw the movie poster, I was pretty impressed with the taglines...

Doesn't the poster looks nice in a horrifying way?

    My review? DON'T EVER WATCH THIS MOVIE! I wasted 90 minutes of my life watching this pathetic movie... A group of people are trapped in a warehouse dying one by one. How they die? Lights black out for a few seconds, then someone's dead. This continue on and on and on and on... DAMN BORING LOR! There's no story line at all other than lights off, lights on, people die...

    Then there's this series of stupid clue. Whats worst is, the clue they are given are totally CLUELESS. A clue like "person number 4 always lie", but until the end of the movie never connect to anyhow that person number 4 always lie? NONSENSE MAN!!! NO SUCH THING AS DESCRIBED LIKE THE TAGLINES!!!

Harold & Kumar, Escape From Guantanamo Bay

    Of to a better movie that I recommend people to watch. This movie is similar to the collabaration between Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. The only different is that this is not an action movie, but it is a 90% comedy and 10% romance. Seriously, this show makes me laugh all the way.

    One of the highlight is that Harold's parents being questioned by some government agents. As the parents are Korean, the agents speaks to them in Korean but  the parents speaks back to them in English. The agents thought they are using a different Korean dialect! OMG, watch it until stomach ache the other day. ^_^

    Then there's Harold showering and fantasizing about his dream girl. When all of the sudden he is interrupted by Kumar's farting sound and all his fantasy just go *poof* like that. ^_^ Watch it to have a damn good laugh!

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

    Actually, this is the first movie of Harold & Kumar. I watched the second movie and found it so freaking funny and I searched for more. As a result, I found this.

    Harold & Kumar decided to have their dinner at White Castle. Along the way, they encountered alot of obstacles. They met with road bullies, and managed to outsmart them. Finishing them off with Kumar showing a middle finger and saying "Thank you, come again" in Indian accent.

    Harold having a hard time talk to his dream girl, Neil Patrick Harris trying to make love to a car seat, funny racist cops and many more ridiculuosly silly part where words can't describe. Go ahead and watch both movies of Harold & Kumar!

Posted at 12:01 am by Josh524


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