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Thursday, August 07, 2008
Ghost Festival Encounter...

    So I am guessing that all of the Chinese out there know that this month is the Ghost Festival month... So the old folks will most likely advise don't stay out too late as the ghost will come out to cari makan. Well, here is a true story of mine... Happened just last week...

    For the past 2 weeks before the Ghost Festival, I been jogging at night at about 8pm to 9pm. ALONE. For the first day of Ghost Festival, I went jogging around the neighbourhood, my usual routine.

Photo for illustration purpose only, I am not THAT fit...

    As I jogged by housing areas, there are incense(food for the death) and hell notes($$$ for the death) burning. Of course, I inhaled some of it ACCIDENTALLY. I couldn't avoid it as there's this stretch of road have a couple of chinese family doing the same thing. I jogged pass the mini forest as usual...

Similar but not as creppy as this...

    This forest portion that is just located next to a roadway. There's vehicles passing by most of the time. The thing is, right after I entered the stretch of forest, there is no vehicle passing by? Okay, fine... I am not thinking too much at that time. But after i reached the middle of the stretch, I feel a cold wind blowing strongly towards me... I thought impossible lar, I won't be so suay...

    After the wind blow, my body started to get itchy... So I started to run instead of jog lar, wouldn't want to get involve in this kind of stuffs. Listening to Flo Rida's Low, I dash like mad... After I exited the forest portion, the numbers of vehicles passing by starting to increase! WTF!!!  Coincidence? I don't want to think much about it...

    I jogged back to my room asap and shower as soon as I cooled down. That particular night, I did not sleep well... AND the next morning my body was aching like mad....

    I have come to a summary that... Since I accidentally inhaled the fragrant smoke, those "things" must thought that I am trying to steal their source of income. Thus, they tried to take revenge by trying to scare me at the forest and... my body ache is a result as... Lets say an unwanted visitor at night...

Takut sial...

    Anyway, its over and I am glad its over... Change topic then... I got my new company phone, N95 today. Anyone wanna camwhore or snap a ghost pics together? ^_^

Posted at 10:48 pm by Josh524

Josh to Name
August 10, 2008   10:14 AM PDT
Quite disturbing, but its over now and I am glad. Thanks for visiting. ^_^
Josh to JunJun-Riko
August 10, 2008   10:14 AM PDT
Likey to camwhore with me or to snap a ghost pics? Haha, just kidding...
August 8, 2008   10:25 PM PDT
sounds like a disturbing experience, I loved the captions to your photo's too.
August 8, 2008   02:20 PM PDT
N95!!! me likey too.... *sob*

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