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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
An entry dedicated to Junjun-Riko, I guess?

    Guess I have to put a hold on my entries during my trip back to Malaysia. I was amazed that the visitors to my blog have doubled for Sunday and Monday. What is even more surprising is that I did not do any proper updates between those 2 days...

It cooled back down on Tuesday...

    After searching high and low, I have to say a huge thank you to Junjun-Riko for driving a large number of traffic to my blog. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have receive such a huge number of visitors. ^_^ The story started when I e-mailed a rapping resume to reply for her BF Vacancy

A part of her blog, click here to find out more.

    I thought this crap sure kena reject when she read it. But it was the exact opposite of what I expected. She even asked me before she post it into her blog!

JunJun-Riko josh do i have ur permission???????? pls say yes. argh.. i don care. u don give i also post. XD check it out later. thx.

    As I was back in Malaysia, I rarely check my blog that often. Well, during my days in Malaysia this was such a huge hoo-hah in Nuffnang. It also seems like I gained alot of supporters too. Some of them even suggested this too...

Everyone ask her to marry me?
I am such a lucky dude. ^_^

    And things go on and on, until we talked about where to find the money for us to get marry. Well lets see, most people will die die work hard to save money to get marry. But thats the traditional way. What if, in the middle of your work... Some sexy hot chicks just joined the company. And BAM!!! Something like this might happen...

Really, this happened in real life all over the world.

    It is a crazy world after all. So the traditional way is not the best way. Thus, die die also must think of an alternative way to find money. Then, this idea strucked through my mind. People these days are such a sucker good-hearted civilized people who often lend their hand for charities. So, why not me and Junjun start a charity on our own for our own profits! If it really happens, it will be something like this...

Introducing, the J Square foundation

    The J Square foundation is to provide opportunity for the bloggers to achieve their dreams. The founders are Josh and Junjun, hence the name J square courtesy of the first letter from both. The main objective of the foundation is to gather donation for the founders to get married. After achieving the main objective, J Square foundation will help needy bloggers out there.

    Having a hard time dealing with projects? Going through a rough time over a relationship? Arguing over who's wrong and who's right? Being bullied by colleagues? Unhappy being subbed out of a basketball match? Feeling sad because you stepped on an ant? If you are a fellow blogger, come forward to the J Square foundation and we will certainly help you.

    Is not a bad idea after all right? Helping myself while helping others out there. A great great great idea I must say. ^_^ Great but not splendid as this foundation needs time to gain people's trust. A less risky way, but the return will be slow. Therefore, I have to think of another faster way, but the risk will be very high... To blackmail a rich and well-known person!

Timothy Tiah is famous and rich, so why not him?

    Come to think about it... The economy is seriously not good these days. The 1000 nangs FOC offer sounds pretty good now... How how how? Any other better ideas?

Posted at 08:02 pm by Josh524

Josh to Soon Seng
August 17, 2008   01:46 AM PDT
Yeap it is. And there's the naughty girl's PC in front. ^_^
Soon Seng
August 14, 2008   10:03 PM PDT
Eh. Isn't that SCB?
Josh to a@ron
August 13, 2008   11:19 PM PDT
Haha, first time doing this. Just write whats in my mind. LOL
Josh to JunJun-Riko
August 13, 2008   11:18 PM PDT
Creative when needed Like now when we need gather money, so die die need to crack creativeness from the brain. Haha
Josh to LiEan
August 13, 2008   11:15 PM PDT
Haha, get the money or the nangs only blow up the office right? ^_^
August 12, 2008   09:27 PM PDT
walao... J square foundation sumore... hahahaha... seriously very very creative la u.. XDXDXD good.. got money.. ^^
August 12, 2008   08:15 PM PDT
LOL. blow up the nuffnang office XD

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