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Thursday, August 14, 2008
I went back on the night of 080808

    Nice date to return home right? 8th of August 2008. By the way, this year mark the 30th wedding anniversary of my parents. Although not exactly on 8th of August, they chose this day to celebrate since I am at home . So, celebration all the way! ^_^

Me, lighting up the candles

My parents, having a hard time deciding to
look at which camera direction. ^_^

Sis: Ei, go and take pics with them.
Me: Why me?
Sis: Cause you seldom at home.
Me: With my current looks?
Sis: Yes, and open your eyes bigger and smile wider.
Me: Tired ler... Can simple smile and normal eyes size?
Sis: Smile big big, eyes open bigger lar...
Me: Okay lo...

Me and my silly look

    The next day, I went to Pavilion with Pek San. Believe it or not, it was my first visit there. What to do, seldom go back home as I am still new in the company and I wanted to save my annual leaves for the future. ^_^

    She keep on saying that she gets hungry easily these days and I keep on teasing her by congratulating her. Guess everyone knows what the joke is? Haha... Went to Pancake House to satisfy her stomach.

This look nice, wondering how the food is?

I had Mango Crepe with Ice Cream, yum yum

She had Banana Pancakes

    After Pancake House, we proceed to the cinema, where we watched Fogetting Sarah Marshall.

The preview is seriously damn nice BUT...

    The censorship board just have to ruined our day... Any dirty jokes, cut... Sexy scene, cut... Jason Segel butt scenes, cut... Better still just ban this movie from showing in Malaysia? That aside, we laughed for most of the movie. A good balance between funny, romantic and some hot chicks! Aaaaa... Kristen Bell... ^_^

    Of course lar, the outting won't be complete until we camwhore abit.. ABIT lar... Not much. Here's one of them...

First of many... Hehe...

Me: You don't smile wan ar?
PS: Got ar, neh! (point at the pics)
Me: Thats not smile, thats a fake smile
PS: I like my fake smile what...
Me: Smile like toothpaste advertisment can?
PS: Try loo...

Another try...

    Then some other lame attempts... Was suppose to meet up with Brian to have a drinking session at his house... But smart smart yours truly missed a turn to PJ and ended up in Maluri. From Maluri back to our respective house is nearer... So we headed home instead. ^_^

    We had our own mini drinking session at Cheras Station One...

Can guess whats the 1, 2 and 1/2 is?

    Okay lar, the first pics shows two fingers, 1 and 2. But we only knew each other for 1 and a half year, thus the 1 and a half fingers.

    Alright I know its lame... Part 2 on what I did in Malaysia coming up!

Posted at 09:00 pm by Josh524

Josh to Bengbeng
August 17, 2008   01:29 AM PDT
Hey, thanks for the compliment. Really appreciate it. ^_^

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