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Sunday, August 17, 2008
My final 2 days in Malaysia for the year 2008

    Last Sunday, I hanged out with the ex UNiM guys. I think its been almost 1 year since we had such gathering. The hang out place is decided by non other than Mr Talk Cock, Kok Wei.

We came to this Cafe, my first time here.

    During our Uni time, we usually talks about how annoying some lecuterers are, is there any sources for assignments and what tips does each other have. Comparing to now, we talk about our respective work place environment and experience. Although the topics differs, but one thing will always stay the same... The lame side within us. ^_^

One of the lame photo during the outting

    William syok sendiri... Don't even know what is he thinking and laughing at. When we asked what's so funny/happy he just keep on laughing. Maybe kena possessed by laughing ghost?

Ah Loong gets into debating action

    Loong Kor was debating with Kok Wei about properties investment issues. Sien, for the whole yam cha session they discussed about investment. Halo! Talk about investment plans during working days can? Yam cha session is the time for relax, not to add on stress ler...

This is seriously 1 dangerous guy...

    Warning... Make sure to keep away all your camera phones when you see this guy here. Once he get a hold of your phone, then you can say bye bye to your HP battery. He will continue on act cute and take pics from the same angle over and over and over again... Then change angle and repeat the process. Now both my HP are polluted full with his photos...

    But the best photo of the night I would say is the following...

Gay partners of the night!

    Coincidence? I don't believe it. Maybe Pak Chew(left) and Kok Wei(right) have already started this relationship since "god-knows-when" ago. And now they are trying to hint us by wearing couples wear... Well, god will bless them forever. Oh yeah, you guys please don't kill me after you read this okay? ^_^

    Went back home after hours of blowing water. Sis bought me donuts from Big Apple for supper! ^_^

Macam ini also want to take...

    The reason? I will be leaving the day after and I won't be back until next year... And I will surely be miss surely miss them, thus we take countless photos that particular night. Most of them are best to be kept in the "My Pictures" folder. ^_^

    Gone to the airport the next day after lunch with parents... Guess who was there to see me off besides my parents? Its Pek San!

She brought along her Teddy Bear together. ^_^

    Well well well, this time I am leaving for Singapore, and she will be leaving for UK the next month. I will be back next year and she will be back 2 years later. So this is our last get together until 2 years later. Chatted and recall back during the akwards moments when we did the About Love photoshoot, and slowly becoming close friends along the way. ^_^

    Its great having a friend like you!!! See you again in 2 years time! Ending this post with my favourite photo. You guess it, the blek photo. Hehe...

Blek! :P

Posted at 01:23 am by Josh524

Josh to Bengbeng
August 17, 2008   11:56 PM PDT
Well, there's no schedule return for me to Malaysia. Who knows I might return back all of the sudden? Hehe...

Ooo, the hotel was from Singapore. Eager to know exactly where it is. ^_^

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