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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Retarded looking Josh alert!!!

    As much as I hated my ex-College management, I will never forget all the college friends. Just to recap, the Diploma of E&E and Mechanical Enginnering only consist of a mere 20 students for my batch. Thus we are considered quite close to each other and hang out together often.

    If you are expecting to look at good looking dude or pretty chicks photos, then I suggest you click the small little X button on the top right corner. The following are photos taken during my college time... And I am serious when I say I looked retarded... Some of the photos will make you go OMG!!! ^_^

Take a guess where am I?

    A hint for you guys, I am the long hair dude. Look decent? Right? Wrong? Whatever? Camera can be deceiving okay... Here is the close-up photo of my college first sem...

Damn idiotic looking right?!?!?!

    No, not the guy on the left. The guy on the left is Boon Yan, we all call him Ah Boon. Boon Yan, my next door neighbour in our lousy HF Block hostel. Look at the guy at the right... DAMN RETARDED RIGHT?!?!!? OMG, I can't believe THIS is how I look like in the past... You know what's the worse? This is among the BEST looking photo during my college years.... Cham right?

This is me acting cool... Bodoh punya cool...

    ARGH!!! The horror... I am not going for someone's funeral okay? I was going to... going to... Orientation Night. YES!!! A FREAKING ORIENTATION NIGHT!!! Usually people will try to look their best during orientation night right right right? Then how come its as if I am attending some funeral? I guess at that time image WAS not such a big deal to me eh?

Enginering malat lous on the road side...

    This is what we do when we have the free time, lepak at the roadside and talk cock. What to do? There's only one girl in our batch and she don't join THAT much since she's coupled. Most of us are singles until the second year of college, where one by one of the malat lous will start spending time with their GF...

Me and my then roommate, Chan Yi

    We are single throughout our college life! Like roommate, like roommate perhaps? Haha... Anyway, for my case I understand why I can't get a chick lar. But for him how come he don't have any? Because he's 100% concentrated towards his studies! Nah, just kidding. Actually he's a hardcore gamer and prefer fishing rather than looking for a GF at that moment. ^_^

Together with the retarded guy are Jane(left) and Orange(right),
not from the Engineering course

    Because of the hot weather, I decided to chopped off my long hairs. Mana tau, after cut then become more like Ah Pek d... I seriously failed 9 9 in the fashion sense lor. Now I think back... Seriously sad case lar. Maybe that's because I am studying in a place nearer to jungle compare to a city, thats why I became fashion hopeless?

Gayness alert! Boon Yan took a bite
and leave the remaining hot dog for me...

    As I said before, our batch only have one girl. So, we often "gayernize" ourself. Either one of us sleeping, the other guys will come and lay on top of the sleeper, and start the you-know-what kind of act. The hostel's bathroom are common bathroom, thus occasionally horny guys will take a peek on who's bathing. Other times, some will say "I Love You" and starts to hug you, if you run you will kena chase until kena caught then kena bear hug... UGHHH... The gay's moment... But now thinking back, those were classic... ^_^

Me with Orange during one of our friend's birthday

    In college, I am also known as the guy who grows hair long long, chopped it off, and grow it back long. I think lazy is the keyword and if I recalls correctly, there is no barber inside the college. Whatever, its over. Oh yeah, some people say I look like Sam Hui in the above photo. Since that hairstyle give them a retro kind of feeling.

(L-R) Chan Yi, me, Boon Yan's roommate Guok and Brian

    Guess what? I went for the final sem presentation looking like this!!! You think the lecturer freak out or not? Of course they do! Where got people appeared in such way for a FYP presentation looks like me? I think at that moment they have a lot of question marks on their faces... But anyway, I still managed to aced the presentation. ^_^

My hair can fight with Winnie's hair lor...

    The above was the last photo ever I taken in my college life. Entered as a long hair brat, came out as a long hair brat also. Haha... Ah... The good old days... Don't know how all the guys are doing now... Rarely meet them after college years...

Posted at 10:37 pm by Josh524

Josh to JunJun-Riko
August 20, 2008   11:17 PM PDT
Er... We act gay only... NOT really gay. Haha
Josh to Fang Chin
August 20, 2008   10:54 PM PDT
Yea, I know who Ren Yii is but I don't know him personally. And he looks waaaaaaaaaaaaay much better than me. Haha
August 20, 2008   10:52 AM PDT
omg!!! at 1st glance i thought u and the guy had both ur tongues stuck out.. XD
Fang Chin
August 20, 2008   09:09 AM PDT
You actually looked like Ren Yii in the Sam Hui photo if you know who he is...haha

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