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Saturday, August 23, 2008
Fuel Issues Again...

    Frankly speaking, its getting very sien about the never-ending fuel issue. But one of the good news I read through The Star Online is the following...

Source from here

    Of course lar, I am happy with that decision of the Government. As I keep on reading it, my happiness level have gone down again...

"Ka Chuan said it did not necessarily mean that fuel prices would drop if global oil prices went down."

    WTF is this? When the global oil prices increase, the Government immediately raises the fuel price the following day. And now as the global oil prices went down, they need 2 weeks to think about reducing the price. What kind of logic is that? The following news is even more hilarious...

Source from here

    When I read this, I became more sien... The government now is acting like "You don't like rebate, we don't rebate at all." Ya right... And where will the money be going to if the government are to abolish this rebate thing? I let you do all the guessing.

    Still dare to say "reduction in fuel prices was not made to woo voters in the Permatang Pauh by-election on August 26"... How many 3 years old can you cheat with that statement?

Posted at 08:23 pm by Josh524

Josh to foongpc
August 26, 2008   12:30 AM PDT
Haha, everyone guessed what their strategy is. LOL
August 25, 2008   12:07 PM PDT
I'm surprised Badawi didn't keep to his words - he said he would only lowered the fuel price on 1st Sept. Suddenly lowered it overnight. If not because of the Permatang Pauh by-election, then what else?

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