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Monday, August 25, 2008
The root cause of couple arguement...

    Today, I just witnessed the most incredible thing in my life. A couple shouting at each other over a small matter... OMG... Damn weird lar this world...

    Its like this... I was having dinner with my cousin and another friend. While we were enjoying our meal, the lady from the Rojak stall place a plate of Rojak on our table saying that we ordered it. We told her we didn't order it, and then the gentleman at the other table said it was his. So case solve? Nonononono, its just started...

Typical Singapore hawker center, those with numbers on the table

Lady:   You don't know our table is number 32?
Gent:   I walked too fast and I thought it was 31.
Lady:   Who tell you to walk so fast?
Gent:   I am hungry, so thats why I walk fast.
Lady:   You walk so fast then you missed our table number.
Gent:   I missed by only 1 number okay.

At first, it was just normal talk...

Lady:   If you walked slower, then you already see our table number.
Gent:   Why make such a big deal of this?
Lady:   Why you walk so fast lar just now?
Gent:   I am hungry thats why.
Lady:   Walk slower will die meh?
Gent:   Will die of starvation.

Both keep on talking, louder and louder...

Lady:   You walk faster, food reach faster?!
Gent:   I can order faster what!
Lady:   You still need to queue!
Gent:   I can reach there and queue faster!
Lady:   You still have to wait!
Gent:   But I can queue up front of other people!
Lady:   How many people can you overtake?!
Gent:   Alot!

All the other tables overheard their "conversation" too

Lady:   When I first know you, you are not like this!
Gent:   What you mean by not like this?!
Lady:   You were good to me!
Gent:   You saying I treating you not good?!
Lady:   Yes! You are shouting at me now!
Gent:   What bout the time when *can't hear clearly as he whine too long*
Lady:   That is before we get together!
Gent:   So that means I treat you not good?!
Lady:   Yes!
Gent:   What is it that you want now?!
Lady:   Can't you walk slower just now?!
Gent:   Thats my normal speed what!
Lady:   You can turn at the corner slower ok!
Gent:   Its a corner, how fast can I go?!

Shouting moderately at each other

Lady:   Can't you just walk slower?
Gent:   I am hungry okay!
Lady:   Thats why you missed the table number!
Gent:   Just by 1 number okay!
Lady:   Its still a misdelivery!
Gent:   But the rojak is here now!
Lady:   But not to us directly!
Gent:   Its with us now!

    Of course, content is only about 75% of what they argued about... I couldn't recall all their arguement as this lasted for about 30 minutes... Very terrible when couples argue... Whats the point or arguing?

    Furthermore, its just a MISDELIVERY of a plate of rojak... Poor poor innocent rojak is the cause of this arguement... Think about it now... Its kinda funny how couple could argue over a small thing then it leads to big things, then all the way back to the root of the problem. Wondering will I face this kind of problem in the future? ^_^

Give me eat, don't argue

Posted at 11:12 pm by Josh524

Josh to me
September 1, 2008   10:19 PM PDT
Nope. ^_^
Josh to JustJasmine
September 1, 2008   10:16 PM PDT
Well, those couple doesn't think that way I guess. XD
me to josh >>
August 29, 2008   02:30 PM PDT
'pui fok pui fok' so lastly didn't u eat the rojak...??kekeke..." p
August 29, 2008   12:42 PM PDT
I miss eating rojak...and I agree that we should argue less and enjoy the food more lolx
August 29, 2008   12:41 PM PDT
I miss eating rojak...yup we should learn to argue less and eat more, hehehheh
Josh to me
August 29, 2008   12:39 PM PDT
Thats why. They can keep on repeating the same thing over and over again. Salute them lor...
Josh to kenwooi
August 29, 2008   12:38 PM PDT
Very interesting indeed. ^_^
Josh to AtelierGal
August 29, 2008   12:35 PM PDT
Well, what to do. Couple these days really...
me to josh >>
August 29, 2008   12:22 PM PDT
yala yala...give u eat better...'hao shui duo guo cha'...argue so much also repeating...haih~~sien...!!
August 29, 2008   12:21 PM PDT
Josh to foongpc
August 26, 2008   10:55 PM PDT
Furthermore, the way that they scream at each otehr damn funny wan. Just that words can describe. XD
Josh to cathy
August 26, 2008   10:54 PM PDT
Yap, its so saddening, and I don't know should I sympathize or laugh at them. ^_^
Josh to Faithful Lover
August 26, 2008   10:49 PM PDT
I agree with you. I was trying so hard to control myself not to laugh at that time. ^_^
Josh to JunJun-Riko
August 26, 2008   10:48 PM PDT
You praise me is correct de. Haha... Many other people also think its funny mar. ^_^

Go and try rojak at least once, last time I also don't fancy them. But now if got then makan only. ^_^
August 26, 2008   12:24 PM PDT
Haha! Arguing over a small matter like rojak and lasted for 30 minutes? OMG! If want to argue, at least argue over a more worthy topic. Should make a nice reality show on TV : )
August 26, 2008   11:31 AM PDT
rojak - cause of argument...LOL....so saddening
Faithful Lover
August 26, 2008   05:10 AM PDT
that had to be one of the most stupidest argument i have ever come across!! :p
August 26, 2008   12:07 AM PDT
shouldn't praise u ler me... XDXDXD but rojak look nice although i don fancy them.

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