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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Penang Review

    Unfortunately, I didn't bring along any camera during my Penang trip. So I can't really post much here. All the photos here are taken using various kind of camera phone. Once I get all the photos from Ah Loong Kor and See Tao Poh, I will continue on writting about Penang. Well, here is a brief review of what has happened during my visit to Penang.

Friday early morning: Warning, playing
this game will cause 'Boh Song' ness

Friday morning: A view from Chin-Ee and Yen-Ee sister's apartment

Friday noon: Going up to Penang Hill

Friday Night: Went to Gurney Drive for dinner

    Well, I don't have any photos yet for Saturday morning/noon/evening. So I jump directly to the night event, CLUBBING at GLO. Third time clubbing for me. Ermmm... No comment. Ask the others if interested to know how was it.

Wendy's friend, Cheah Ying and me(Ah Loong kakacaucau... Tongue)

The GLO sign

    On Sunday, visited War Museum, had some various Penang local foods and went to Batu Feringgi.

Yee Bing's BEST FRIEND in war museum. HAHAHA

Waiting for the right time to go up Bukit Genting

After the Thailand style dinner in Bukit Genting

William munching Roti Tisu just like that

    How time flies, it is already monday morning before we know it. It is time to go home already...

Leaving the Penang bridge...

Peng Keat house during evening time

    Well, thats roughly about what happened in Penang. Will do a day by day analysis when I get all the photos. Tata for now~

Posted at 11:07 am by Josh524


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