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Sunday, August 31, 2008
Bloggers meet up and Comex event

    Its been a wonderful weekend for me. Met up with two fellow bloggers on Saturday, Mike & Venessa. Mike came to Singapore for "tourism" purpose, visit his girl and to get himself a psp. Initially, it was only him and Venessa but I tagged along since me myself also wanted to get a PSP and I did a bit of research on the best place to get it. ^_^

Mike a.k.a. zique in Innit

Venessa a.k.a. hovenessa in Innit

    So on Saturday noon we met up, and had Starbucks courtesy of Mike. ^_^ We crapped alot during the Starbucks session, probably an hour and then off we go to hunt down soon-to-be-our future PSP. Me and Mike were happy owners of the PSP-2000. ^_^

    We went to Comex a.k.a. IT/Computer exhibition after that. Venessa felt claustrophobic because it was packed like sardines and according to her, she's not tall enough for fresh air. Sorry Venessa for dragging you to join us... After Comex, we went back and I am so damn addicted to PSP, I played all the way until 5am before I went to bed... That also cause the PSP battery need time to charge. XD

Its damn addictive lor...

    On Sunday, I decided to returned to Comex to get a new external HD. Mike wanted some PSP games from me, so I had lunch with Mike and his girl, Steph at KFC before Comex. We crapped alot while waiting for the MRT and somehow Steph "promised" to intro some hot horny air stewardess to me. XD

    Went to COMEX right after meeting them. Got myself the HD, was planning to head home directly until there was this show going on, models parading products... Being a natural guy, I naturally did what a guy naturally will do... Snap pics of the model. XD

Is the girl in white on the left looking at my direction?
(Ya Josh, dream on... XD)

How come some other malat lous guys get such a good spot...

    And then there's this session for crowd participant. The requirement? To have a $2 note, with the serial number consisting of 3, 5 and 0. Lucky me, my $2 note have all three numbers, and I am invited to the stage... Me and 2 other guys were each given a traveller pouch as the prize.

     We were required to parade the pouch like the models in order to win another "grander" prize... I was like WTF lor... I was the last to go, and I did some stupid gesture during the parade... Damn bodoh wan lar. Lucky I went alone, if I went with someone I know, sure kena tease till die... But what to do, for the sake of the "grander" prize...

How to parade like them? You tell me lor...

They got the looks and all...

    The crowd cheers are going to determine the winner. Unfortunately, I came in second, and the guy who came in first gets a Sony notebook...  NOT the laptop, its the notebook where you use pen or pencil to write craps on it. So much for "grander"... If its really a laptop I am going to kill myself for not trying too hard. XD

The traveller pouch and that lucky $2 note.

    Financial report now, I spent over $500 for the weekend on gadgets. Nah, I did not strike a lottery but then its a guy thing. I guess many girl might ask "How is it a guy thing"? Well... Guys getting gadgets are just like girls getting shoes. Its forever not enough! XD

With all these, I am $500+ poorer

Posted at 10:54 pm by Josh524

Josh to JustJasmine
September 3, 2008   10:31 PM PDT
Its damn worth it!!! I been playing almost for 3 hours everynight... Too addictive...
September 3, 2008   08:38 AM PDT
Worthwhile or not buying PSP?
Josh to Soon Seng
September 2, 2008   10:17 PM PDT
Rush here and there. What to do? -_-|||
Soon Seng
September 2, 2008   08:44 PM PDT
Its kinda strange that there aren't photos of you guys together... and no photo of yourself, for that matter.. haha..
Josh to xjion89
September 1, 2008   10:58 PM PDT
Nah, I went there alone on the second day. So no photo of me doing something stupid. XD
Josh to pekz
September 1, 2008   10:22 PM PDT
Of course lar, he owns an event company le. Can get up close and personal with many celebs. ^_^
September 1, 2008   08:58 PM PDT
wow, pretty neat psp leh, plus pretty gals. (^^) Y not pics of u modelling for pouch?(^^)
September 1, 2008   11:48 AM PDT
wah he took poser photo with amber chia!!! hawt hawt!!!! lucky dude...
Josh to dweam
September 1, 2008   01:08 AM PDT
Quite a bargain, but deep hole in my pocket also... XD
Josh to Chris Thoo
September 1, 2008   01:08 AM PDT
You agree with this right >>> Guys getting gadgets are just like girls getting shoes. Its forever not enough!

Josh to JunJun-Riko
September 1, 2008   12:52 AM PDT
Ei, I was alone when I take the photo of those show gals. ^_^
August 31, 2008   11:14 PM PDT
u all not normal.. din take photo together but got time take photo of those show gal... =.=

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