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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Whats the next hair style/length?

    My hair is getting longer and longer... Damn weird wan lor, it grow so fast and its only been a month since my last hair cut... AND from my previous experience, the long hair version of me sucks to the max...

How come last time I thought its cool?

    What's going thru my mind now is... Should I chopped off my hair until its so damn short that I no need to worry about haircut for this year? Maybe the durian style? You know, hair as long as 1 inch only and can be shape like durian torn... Well, since I am aiming for shorter hair...


    Should I go for botak? Pros, no need to worry about cutting hair for a few months possibly until next year, people will recognise me easier, Won't sweat so easily perhaps, and stand out among the crowds.

    Cons, I might end up wishing my hair will grow back overnight, people might start calling me "Botak Josh", cold sweat easily and stand out from the crowds.

Posted at 10:01 pm by Josh524

Josh to BLue
September 4, 2008   07:48 PM PDT
Yes thats me. You are going to say that I look like small kid is it? ^_^
Josh to JunJun-Riko
September 4, 2008   07:47 PM PDT
Small kid?!?!?

That was when I was 20 years old... WA... 20 years old still look like small kid...
September 4, 2008   10:32 AM PDT
waliao, is that really you?
September 3, 2008   10:40 PM PDT
y look so small kid one tat photo????

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