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Friday, September 05, 2008
Why lar so many Joshes in the blogging world...

    Ladies and gentlemen! If you have known me for more than 5 years, you would probably know last time I uses George as my English name. I first uses George in primary school. But at that moment this singer call Boy George is so damn popular and everyone started to call me Boy George also... BTW, he's gay...

    Since I am pure straight and not gay... I decided to change my English name to Josh 3 years ago since its nice and not many people using it except for a few celebrities like Mr. Groban and Mr. Hartnett. ^_^

    Mana lar tau... Since I joined Nuffnang I only realised that there is alot of Joshes and little George!!! Don't believe? Well... Here is a list of bloggers who goes by the name Josh...

Meet Josh!

Meet yet another Josh...

Hey, meet another Josh!

I bet you haven't meet Josh before.

Oh yeah, there's another Josh from  Advertlets.

    See lar, so many Joshes in the blogging world. Confusing eh? Should have just stick to George...

Posted at 12:08 am by Josh524

Josh to iCalvyn
September 20, 2008   01:25 AM PDT
Actually, got ppl thought Josh is pronounce as Jaws before lor... XD
Josh to Soon Seng
September 8, 2008   09:00 AM PDT
Yes lar. Got 1 only... And I got only 1 damn sarcastic friend in Isaac Cheah Soon Seng, from Subang some more wan wei...
Josh to BLue
September 8, 2008   08:59 AM PDT
Not as much as Josh. Roar....
Josh to Ben
September 8, 2008   08:57 AM PDT
Noway... Joshie sounds so gay... And Georgie Podgie is for small kids! XD
Soon Seng
September 8, 2008   12:52 AM PDT
But got only 1 Josh Soo Kin Cheong. Summore from Kajang.
September 5, 2008   09:06 AM PDT
wuahaha, got how many Nath, BLue, singing coconut and white tiger? ROAR
September 5, 2008   01:13 AM PDT
JOSHIE JOSHIE!!! Change your name to georgie podgie!! XD

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