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Monday, September 08, 2008
Match-making in the modern days...

Taken from here.

    Who would have thought such thing would happen? So if there's a stranger calling you asking you for a date, you know who is it to be blame. ^_^

    "The matchmaking process was simple: Parents exchanged details of their children like age, education and current job, and asked to see a picture of the 'candidate'. Some whipped out passport-sized photographs, others 4R-sized pictures. One parent came with an 8R computer printout of the family posing with the candidate in a graduation gown."

    "Parents were not only scrutinising the candidate's looks, but also sussing out the candidate's parents to see if they came from similar backgrounds. If all goes well, they exchange phone numbers."

    Imagine lar, the conversation between the parents are like this...

Auntie 1: Your son work as what ar?
Auntie 2: Office boy.
Auntie 1: Aiyer, don't want. My daughter now working as manyzer (manager in $ no enuf 2) de... Cannot date office boy

Auntie 1: What your son working ar?
Auntie 3: He ar? Engineer.
Auntie 1: Wa good good. Engineer many many $$$. What field ar?
Auntie 3: Offshore engineer wan. Always go to the sea.
Auntie 1: Wa, kenot kenot. Always go sea, how to make baby? I want grandchildren de...

Auntie 1: Ei, mister! Your son what job de ar?
Uncle 1: My son very geng wan o. He sing song wan. Future Edison Chen I tell you.
Auntie 1: Har? Future singer? No future wan lar. I don't want my daughter end up like Gillian from Twins. Duwan duwan...

Auntie 1: Uncle, your son working as what o?
Uncle 2: My son? Manyzer lar. Every minute earn money. Eat earn money. Bath earn money. Go da pian also can earn money wan ar! Geng or not!
Auntie 1: Wa so geng, many maney ar! So how old is your son ar?
Uncle 2: My son only 33 la. Very young. Still no GF. Dunno what he wan le.
Auntie 1: Oh good, my daughter also manyzer. 30 years old only. Here her photo.
Uncle 2: Waseh, damn pretty le, I approved to be my daugther in law!
Auntie 1: Okay, settle d. Next time call them come out lim teh.

    Why lar people getting marry late these days kena so much pressure from parents? Lucky me... I not yet reach the alarming age rate. If not I die die sure kena from my parents also. ^_^

Posted at 10:56 pm by Josh524


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