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Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Bugger... This lady wear has the same shirt as I do...

    WTF lor.. .Its a small world after all... I was browsing through A@ron blog, then I come across the amazing race asia 3 Hot Chick entry... Then I saw this team lar... A@ron himself also thought at first they are guys...

Team A.D & Fuzzie

    I see this photo I got the shock of my life lor... No... Not because of their gender issue... Is that I got the same shirt as her!


    Same colour... Same design, same monkey kena nuts by the family... Don't misunderstood ar, its not a couple dress. Kill you all who thinks so... I am just trying to say that its a small world after all~ ^_^

Posted at 09:06 pm by Josh524

Josh to wai yee
September 14, 2008   06:46 PM PDT
No need to say anything. Sympathize me enough d... ^_^
wai yee
September 13, 2008   08:33 AM PDT
=.=|| really nth to say....
Josh to a@ron
September 13, 2008   12:44 AM PDT
I know! I thought they were guys too when I first see them. ^_^
Josh to icy
September 13, 2008   12:42 AM PDT
If I really do meet her, I direct "tuo diao" my clothes lor. XD
Josh to TS
September 13, 2008   12:36 AM PDT
Maybe that 1 specially designed for her. Haha
September 12, 2008   01:58 PM PDT
haha... i can't help myself for imagining when u and tat "girl" meet in the middle of the street..... --->>wearing the same shirt..... if really got this kinda coincidence happen... remember to blog it on so tat i can have a big laugh...:P
September 12, 2008   02:28 AM PDT
The "hot chick"'s shirt? Well, it boggles my mind! And I swear I didn't come across XL or XXL when i bought it in US. Maybe is bought by these ppl...

I also like that shirt but don't have my size...
Josh to foongpc
September 11, 2008   09:25 AM PDT
My sis got it for me from US. So I thought only available in the US... Maybe they went to US for vacation before also. ^_^
Josh to JunJun-Riko
September 11, 2008   09:24 AM PDT
Really? *Pinch back* ^_^
September 11, 2008   01:47 AM PDT
Hey I like that shirt! But really I'm sure there are many people who have this shirt, unless it's limited?
September 10, 2008   09:17 PM PDT
y u so handsome in the photo one??? *pinch u*

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