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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Damn abusive lor this father...

    Well, its a normal thing for father to discipline the son. Its another thing when you treat him as a sand bag...

Source from here.

"He picked him up by his armpits and threw him against a wardrobe in the room. He also later threw the boy against a wall and up against the ceiling."

    WTF right... Unless you are Jackie Chan or Jet Li, even an adult cannot tahan against those kind of "attacks". All this because the chlidren spent some time watching television. Parents nowadays are getting more and more impatient towards their kids...

"Counsel said though the accused had a problem with anger management, he loved his children and had done everything possible to ensure he did not hurt the boys again."

    I don't know if he himself not aware that he has this problem or just uses anger management problem as an excuse to escape from justice... Pity the kids...

Posted at 06:28 pm by Josh524

Josh to Xjion89
September 17, 2008   09:51 PM PDT
He should be jailed lar. Fined only whats the use right?
Josh to JustJasmine
September 17, 2008   09:50 PM PDT
Haha, thanks! Can call me rapper instead of a poet? XD
Josh to foongpc
September 17, 2008   09:49 PM PDT
Yes, that's what I think also...
September 17, 2008   05:54 PM PDT
ooo, juz fined him. Too easy on him already lah!
September 17, 2008   01:44 AM PDT
Thanks goodness, my Daddy's a good one, somemore he's poetic like you Josh ;)
September 16, 2008   03:00 PM PDT
This is a case of child abuse. They should have him arrested!

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