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Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Rapping entry for those going to UK

    I know, this come late a few days late after most of you departed to UK... I seriously have some problem rhythming one with another. Anyway, with my full effort focused on this, I managed to get it done by today. Not really THAT special but just a lilttle bit something from me. ^_^

My eyes cacated, so why not make it more cacat? ^_^

Work part time during the 2006 summer break,
Met Brian, initially though he was a silent freak,
But that's only for the first week during ice break,
Once you know him better, you are going to freak.

LCCT airport, camwhoring. ^_^

Did not talk much to Pek San at the beginning,
It all changes during one photoshooting,
Turns out she's a great kaki lepak for any outing,
Funny how we get closer as I am graduating.

Gorgeous kan? ^_^

Entertainment? Eu Ling's name sure kena mention,
Always open for any suggestion,
Organize events that deserved standing ovation,
Seems like she need a good long vacation.

Aww, guys don't drool k? ^_^

Suet Ling's first impression? Very cheerful and funny,
You can find her blogging at Ling-o-logy,
Kinda weird that we seldom chat in the MSN thingie,
But once we see each other, become very chatty.

*minta maaf to Duncan & Chong Ngie, don't have a PROPER pics of you two. ^_^*

Duncan and Chong Ngie, what can I say?
During basketball, seldom see them do the fadeaway,
I can assure you, both of them are not gay,
Any ladies going out with them will have the perfect getaway,

Sorry for all those that I missed out, pardon me,
All you guys are going to further studies in the overseas,
Nottingham UK to be precise is where you guys will be,
Here I am wishing you all the best in completing your studies.

    There you go guys. Enjoy life in Nottingham UK!

Posted at 09:35 pm by Josh524

Josh to pekz
September 26, 2008   09:21 PM PDT
You are very da welcome. ^_^
September 25, 2008   06:18 AM PDT
oh...that's sho schweeet of u....lol..thanks...

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