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Thursday, July 26, 2007
~"~Graduation Day~"~

    Well well well. I finally have time to settle down and blog about my graduation day. I know everyone has been waiting eagerly for this. So here goes.


Alot and I mean ALOT of photos ahead. Expect long loading time.




    21st of July marks my graduation day. I arrived ALMOST late thanks to the rain which causes traffic jam... I missed all the chances to camwhore with my fellow classmates. Anyhow, I am able to snap some quick photos before being 'shoo' into the Great Hall.

The fab five? Tongue

    Allow me to introduce. William on the left, follow by me, Pak Chew, Kok Wei and Hafiz. Well, get to know William through Loong Kor. They came from the same college, Inti Subang. The most popular phrase he uses is "I DULAN U".

    Pak Chew and I were under the same supervisor for our FYP. Well, initially we can't really get our project on the right track. So we often exchange ideas or discuss about what we have known to make sure our FYP to be completed in time. Thats how we get to know each other closer.

    Kok Wei a.k.a. Kok^2(kok squared). Why we nickname him that? Well, I will leave it to your IMAGINATION and CREATIVENESS to think how he end up with that nickname. A funny guy and always kena pijak from the others. Also popular for his 'coming soon' and can consider to have the second slowest response among us.

    Get to know Hafiz during the first semester when I am in Nottingham. We often disucss about last minute assignment and the possibility of finding solutions from 'reliable source'

Me with Suresh!(must use high pitch tone)

    Suresh is a funny guy that I get to know during exam period I think. Exam mar, so often discuss the past year solution together. One more thing to notice is his unique voice! He can have a very high pitch voice and at the same time he can talk in manly low pitch tone.

The important people in Nottingham

    Er... I can't say much about them because there are too many of them. Lets just say that all of them play some important part during our graduation ceremony. Don't ask me what though. Shades

    Surprisingly, the graduation ceremony ended earlier than I expected. Then off we go to take the group photo. It was really chaotic. It takes a long time to 'neatly' organize graduates to stand at their respective places. Some tall ppl stand in front refuse to go behind while some other struggle to find a perfect spot to look good for the camera.

The almost perfect photo of all the graduates

Finally graduated!!!

    I love the throwing cap photo. Its like just releasing all the stress after studying for so many years!!! But then in the end have to find and pick back up the cap(potong stim right?)

Engineering group photo

    Of course, we the engineering bunch faster gather among ourself to take more photos. This is a once in a lifetime event. So everyone is taking photo here and there like nobody business. Hehe...

(Hopefully) All the future engineers

Another group photo

    From left to right, Ah Du, Kwan Woh, Lee Er, Wendy, myself and Wan Yong. Ah Du and Lee Er always lepak in the project lab. Thats where we get to know each other much closer. We talk about jokes, current issues, uni politics, FYP stuffs etc... whatever we can think of!

    Basketball court is where Kwan Woh and I first met. Didn't know that we are in the same course until we played basketball a few times together. He really can give you alot of ideas whenever necessary.

    Wendy ar... Er... Sleeping queen lor... When she got time she will sleep. A crazy fan of Lee Hom. Hmm, should I mentioned that she like to eat rice? Well, I already did. This girl... can eat more rice then me but yet still manage to stay slim!

    Wan Yong a.k.a. See Tao Poh! She and Loong Kor was my lab partner previously. She is so so so so smart that all the experiment can be finish in such a short time! She can be consider as the ideal model for us to follow. Need solution for example sheets or assignment? She is the first person to cross our mind.

My family member

    The Soo family! Eldest sister, father, me, mother and my second elder sister. I am the last to graduate in the family. I can sense the relief'ness' from my parents point of view that they no need to worrry about my studies anymore. Now its time to worry about my future work maybe? Tongue

Photo not taken in UNiM

    Since I am talking about family, here is a photo of me together with my uncle, grandmother and grandfather. I am the first grandson to graduate on my mother side. It can be consider memorable for my grandparents. Shades

Me and Siew Kian

    Siew Kian a.k.a. Siew Jie (Big Sister). She is very hardworking wan o. Most of the time can see her hiding in the project lab to do her project. But when its time to have fun she knows how to take some time off and have fun together. Oh yeah, she is also the founder of the Life Saving Club, the club that have been monopolise by us, the engineering class of 2007.

Taken with Justin

    Justin is among the first people I know when I come to Nottingham. He memang know what to talk wan lo. From food to places to visit to true life story. Whenever he is there, you can expect a great chit chat partner. No need to worry about topics to talk about cause he can chat almost anything.

With Jun Woon

    Jun Woon a.k.a. the umbrella warrior. He carries an umbrella with him wherever he goes. Well, he does not carry one to the graduation ceremony though.Tongue

With Kok Wei again

With Wan Yong one more time

    Well, I don't need to reintroduce Kok Wei and Wan Yong to you guys again right?

Me and Alex

    I like to call him Yalex, influence by one of the lecturer Dr. Selvan. Well, he damn rich de lo. Car suddenly add on this, add on that. Recently heard he want to respray his car summore. The common thing between us? We talk mostly about girls. Hehe...

Taken together with James

    The funny thing is, me and James always end up sitting/standing/taking photo next to each other. Some time during the course he met with an accident which he need to cement his right arm. End up he learn how to use his left arm to write for months. How pro he is right?

Kwan Woh, CS, myself and Sean

    Already introduced Kwan Woh. CS ar... He came from the same college as me but then seriously I never see him before. Done his FYP under Nandha, he is among the few who can communicate well with him. One more thing to notice, he seems to be obsessed with the number 1628? Hehe...

    Sean came from KDU, the same with Justin. Always with his lightning speed talk... Sometimes can't catch what he is talking about. Also not forgetting he earned his Chivas King title during the trip to Tioman. Most of the time he laugh non stop on cold jokes.

Taking photo with Matthew

    Matthew is the only one who travel from Kepong to UNiM everytime. Initially, Sean travel like him too, but then he beh tahan and he moves in to Sunway Semenyih. Really salute Matthew for having the patience and effort to to do. Very polite indeed, always say 'ng hou yi see'.

With Yee Bing

    Yee Bing a... Gossip queen o. She knows all the latest gossip. Well, thats good too cause she can keep me updated with gossips around us. Popular for her chubby face, many ppl want to cubit her face.

Andrea and I

    Influence by Dr. Selvan again, always call her Yandrea. Another super smart student. Ask her any question she will help you find the answer. Sean's housemate. Always bully Sean, which I think Sean rela to be bully also. But then again, who doesn't want to bully Sean? Haha....

With Chung Meng

    I think Chung Meng has the highest average in the MEng course if I am not mistaken. He also another very geng student. Heard from Sean, Sean ask him question. He play guitar a while. Then directly give him the solution. Its like... He can process the solution in his head from A to Z!

With Lindsay

    At first glance, she looks quite unfriendly. But as you get ot know her, actually she is very friendly wan la. Her nickname is femme fatale. Go search wikipedia or google if you don't know what that means. Tongue

Yen-Ee on the left and Chin-Ee on the right

    The News' came even though their graduation still have one year to go. Both come to show support o. So nice of them. Well, from some sources, they got the nickname of Hairy and Furry. Guess which is whos? Hehe...

With Seow Lee

    Get to know her a few weeks back, from watching Transformers. She is currently Chin-Ee's colleague. Nice person to hang out with. Surprisingly she knows quite a lot about tech stuffs as well. Salute~

Candid Shot

Proper shot

    How can I forget Edvin? Initially coursemate, but then he transfer to another institute. He too came all the way to see us graduate. Baik betul. Surprsingly, we both got many stuffs to talk about even though we seldom meet each other.

Candid Shot

Proper Shot

    Yet another non graduate, Isaac a.k.a. the drinker came as well. Listening to all his sarcastic jokes and remarks again. But thats his trademark, what to do? Without him around there won't be any COLD jokes to laugh about. A great crapping mate when necessary. LOL

    Well, thats round up about everything happened on the graduation day. I still have yet to get all the photos. I am sorry to those who I didn't post their photo. Its not that I don't want, is that I don't have your photo... YET! Hehe... Hope all of us will still keep in touch even though we will be working in different places. I truly appreciate knowing all of you! Keep in touch!

Finally graduated, syok sendiri throw the cap again

I am seriously going to miss Here

Posted at 06:15 am by Josh524

July 27, 2007   02:38 AM PDT
COLD jokes la. Sometimes sarcastic jokes also la. Like the one you just posted. Haha... Don't discriminate me and my jerseys anymore lor okay? LOL
Soon Seng
July 27, 2007   12:32 AM PDT
Eh.. what COLD jokes ar? haha. and, congrats, btw.. going to miss you walking around campus in a jersey..
July 26, 2007   01:47 PM PDT
Wa, come out Darth Vader lagi. Nvm, Dark Vader kinda cool looking also. Hehe...
Seow Lee
July 26, 2007   09:37 AM PDT
You look like Darth Vader in your photo with your grandma and uncle.
Just without the mask :P

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