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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Nuffnang Gathering in Singapore

    Mike blogged about it. Venessa did the same. Cris also blogged it. Nath too! I guess its time for this lazy ass of mine to get on up and do the same... OR rather sit down and do the same. ^_^

    Was kinda a last minute plan to visit the GCA (Games Convention Asia). Met up with Nath around 11am+. Waited for both Ven and Cheez... They are late for a few hours! Don't care d... Must treat us for waiting you guys that long. XD

    Crapped around until about 3pm+ waiting for the late comers. Nath earlier invited her friends to join us, but they were late as well I guess? Get to met Nath's friend, Niki and Mouse. We basically divided into two groups during the convention... Ven and Chezz went their own way and the rest of us went on our own.

    Not much photo from me since I only have a phone camera while Mouse was previously a photographer, thus his photos sure turns out better than mine. XD MHere are two sample of photos taken by Mouse. ^_^

Nath, me & Niki

Together with 2 other game girls.

    Nah, Niki wasn't part of the game girls. She's very daring in dressing thus everyone does ask for a photo or two together with her. Those horny guys... Oh well... Haha... Nath helped me to take some photo with the game girls too. XD

Muahahaha... damn blur, Mouse picture looks better.

    Did not do any game testing as we hanged out together and crapped waiting for the Nuffnang Gathering. Ven and Cheez proceed on their own and forgotten us... Boohoo to them... On a seperate note, Mouse told me about this fact that still stucked in my head...

"Guys who are not horny by girls are gays"

    Er, I just have to agree on that? Haha... So the time we all have been waiting for is here... The Nuffnang Gathering (NNG) in Singapore! The host, Cris was late herself... And after arriving late she still needs to go to her office to put down her stuffs some more...

    Okay, so since I am not bringing any camera with me... All I did was some candid shooting. Not too much photos on my side. All that I have was some pre-dinner photos. Dinner was at Lao Pa Sat, a place near to Cris working place so she can easily go back to work after she finshes her dinner here... Imagine that, working on a Saturday night...

The famous Chicken Rice shop as said by Boss Ming

Funny expression of Mike

Mike surprise early birthday celebration

    Mike's birthday wasn't until 2 weeks later, but we celebrated early for him in conjuction with this NNG. Everyone starts singing birthday song and we teased Steph to give Mike a birthday kiss... Which both of them coyly declined. XD

    Boss Ming's started off with the opening speech, welcoming everyone to this claimed first ever Nuffnang Singapore gathering. Raine followed up by an introduction to Nuffnang and later on a session where we need to introduce ourself by providing REAL name, Innit screen name, and our blog URL.

    When it was my turn, I try to tongue-twist everyone by saying my blog is "the one and only place where you find the crapper crapping crap out of the craps" in just a few seconds. ^_^ After the intro-ing session, we proceed on to our food.

Good food courtesy of Nuffnang Singapore. ^_^

    When we almost finish the dinner, the "live band" there started playing and singing YMCA. Being the incredibly hyper of all the other people, we started doing the YMCA dance. Never in my life before I did YMCA live openly...

Siow bunch of people...

    So its been a pretty fun gathering fills with joy and laughter. And I seriously have no idea why Cris ended up nicknaming me TKP aka Ti Ko Pek... Am I the only guy in the whole world who bio zhabo? I guess not... So everyone who bio zhabo is a TKP! Yes! But I like how she talked about me in her blog, especially this one.

 So any girls wanna take up this challenge and date Josh???
Pretty handsome when he is not like this..... =x

As in, not like THIS! XD

    After an eventful night, Everyone was leaving one by one... First it was Boss Ming to another party. Siyi left early too. Followed by Ven and Chezz to continue on with their own "private moments". The Nuffies went on to their second round of entertainment, Karaoke. Steph & Mike leaves for another outing with their friends. After that, it was me, Nath and Crystal.

First ever photo with a girl whois taller than me. XD

    Ya, I can't leave without taking photo with the Valerie, June's blogger of the month in Singapore. Seriously, I even need to tip toe a bit to look like as if I am as tall as her. And I still need to stand back by a few milimeters. Yet I still am shorter than her... XD

    Here are the list of bloggers that attended the Nuffnang Singapore Gathering. I think I might missed out one or two... In no particular orders:

    Me, myself & I, Boss Ming, Raine, Cherie, Huiwen, Nath, Mike, Ven, Steph, Cheez, Cris, Valerie, Crystal and Siyi.

    Thanks Nuffnang for the wonderful outting! Looking forward for the next one!

Posted at 11:14 pm by Josh524

Josh to spectre
October 2, 2008   10:26 PM PDT
Its fact that I won't deny it. XD
October 2, 2008   11:09 AM PDT
u got out rank by valerie XD
Josh to Venessa
September 24, 2008   07:57 PM PDT
Sorry only won't be enough. You know what to do. XD
September 24, 2008   08:53 AM PDT
LOL WAH u both still ranting on the late thing. SORRY LA. i was also waiting for cheezz all alone at the MRT platform for duno how long ==.
Josh to BLue
September 24, 2008   12:29 AM PDT
Means she not late and does not need to treat us anything. Ven still need to treat us. XD
September 23, 2008   11:38 PM PDT
Niki said she's going 3+ but she came earlier than Ven+Cheezzzz lo -.-"

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