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Thursday, September 25, 2008
SIN! Super Import Night 2008!

    Went with my cousin to the Singapore Import Night 2008 (SIN) event on Sunday! Did not sleep very early after the NNG & GCA events, thus was kinda wobbling on my way to SIN. By the way, SIN is SIN because they exhibits imported models from overseas.

    Before I proceed, let me tell you all I am a noob when it comes to car knowledge. I know the car's brand in general but not really about the details. For instance...

A range of lamborghinis

    Yap, I know these are lamborghini. BUT I have no idea which is murcielago, revento or gallardo. So that's how noob I am. Anyway, all the cars here in SIN are super damn nice lor. Would be a waste if didn't bring along my camera go. XD

If I am not mistaken, this is the interior of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Super damn nice le the car. Even though I have to pay $10 as the entrance fee, its worth it since I took almost 300 photos for the night. That makes... $0.03 per photo. XD


    Ahaha, once again, I have no idea what model is this... Just snapped photos all the way since almost all of the cars look great! Argh... now I miss driving car...

Porshe Cayman!

    Okay lar, I cheated by taking the name plate. XD For each car, I covered the overview, the wheels, the back, whatever that stands out. And because of this, my camera's first battery died when I did not even covered half of the exhibiton.

Monster Garage!

    Monster Garage sounds so cool lor. Some more all the add ons are freking amazing. The car engine was dunno what bla bla bla d... Told you guys I am noob... Since I am short of battery, I snapped only a few overal shots for the remaining cars.

Drools lor...

Seriously drooling...

The Lotus family. ^_^

Some car butt for display. XD

    Haiyo, what makes me more envy is that these cars are owned by people here in Singapore. And all this cars don't come cheap. Usually starting from hundred thousands and above. Argh... When only can I afford to buy even half of the car? Okay... Another target in life is to get one of those car! ^_^

Camwhoring with the car. XD

    Photos courtesy from my cousin. He say he don't look good at that night. So decline to take any photos. XD Okay lar... I think thats all for this time... See ya around!

    Ei, why are you still scrolling down?

Nothing d wat? What are you expecting?

Models? Car models? Already posted mar...

    OOOOOOOOO.... You mean those show girls model... See, all of you are horny interested also. Frankly speaking, out of those 300photos, I think only around 20 of them are on show girls. See lar, I am not THAT horny afterall okay? I hardly get any import models pic... Maybe because I went for the last day lar...

Some of the clearer photos

    So, wherever there's show girls, there will be a group of horny guys gathered to take photos of them. Well, me being one of them. XD The show girl on the bottom right is from Thailand if I am not mistaken. All the others are locals. My humble opinion... Local model looks better. ^_^

Mirage motors model

    Okay, I seriously have to admit that this is my first time exposure to Mirage Motors. I don't really own a car now... Guess thats why I am so not into it. But the model is hot though. XD I asked for a photo together with her while she was walking away to rest. I thought she would be too tired of all the photo snapping but turns out she still can smile sweetly! ^_^

Carlingual showgirl~

    1) Now, this is the last show girl I took photo with. Basically, all the horny guys were almost like lining up to take a photo with her. When it was my turn, she told me to "wait ah" while she uses the tinted car window to re-style her hair. XD

    2) Was told by her that I can get a free mag when I fill in the form. So while I was talking to her my cousin did a candid shot of us.

    3) My cousin continue snapping photo of her while i am filling in the form. See lar, some of the 20 photos are not even snapped by me okay?

    4) Returned the form, and got my mag. Requested for 1 more photo since the first one was kinda blur when I checked back. In the end, turns out both are quite nice. ^_^

    Ah... Spent some time witnessing some drifting action. Man, those guys really can perform well. Did not manage to take any photos since I am quite at the end of the pack and my lousy 5MP pics surely can't take any clear, far, night photos. Only managed to have my dinner at 12am... WTF right... But it was all worth it. XD

    Okay now, seriously ending this entry with my favourite photo of the night.

Very artistic in my opinion, thats why I like it. ^_^

Posted at 08:37 am by Josh524

Josh to Niki
September 30, 2008   08:52 AM PDT
You wanna eat them up is it? XD
September 29, 2008   03:25 AM PDT
The girls ain't too bad. Yummmmz! xD
Josh to TS
September 26, 2008   09:22 PM PDT
Memang cool. ^_^
September 25, 2008   03:35 AM PDT
cool! nice machines!

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