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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Kids say the darndest things

    Was casual chit-chatting with my colleagues during the lunch time. We covered a whole lot of topics ranging from PSP to electronic gadgets, foods to drinks, family to kids... etc etc...

    When we were in the kids topic, this particular colleague told us the joke of the day! What is that? Something like this, name has been changed of course. ^_^

AAA: You know... my son always take the purple brief for me whenever I am going to bath...
BBB: Why? He likes the colour purple alot?
Josh: OMG, u walk around your house in your brief only?

Purple Brief

AAA: Not walk around in brief lar, siow... Guess why he picked the colour purple?
BBB: He likes the colour purple so much?
Josh: He likes the brief design?
AAA: Guess again?
BBB: Tell lar...
Josh: Just say it out...
AAA: He say when I wear the purple brief, I look like Barney...

Me and BBB was stunned for a moment there... And then we laughed so damn loud that the whole floor could hear us laughing! Imagine... the floor occupying about 80 staffs... Lucky there was only a few people left in the office since its still lunch time. Thank goodness...


AAA: Haha, I know its weird but that's what he say... Now every alternate day I am wearing purple brief
Josh: Wait, you say you don't walk around in brief? How he can see ur brief?
AAA: I take bath together with my son. After kau tim bath then he can see lor.
Josh: WTF, like that also fun? Siow meh?
BBB: Josh, you will know when you get marry and have kids later. Hehe
AAA: Yalo, you will know about it when you have kids.
Josh: Nonono, I am not going to think bout this now...

    And then we shifted our topic. Seriously, at that moment really classic... First time ever we laughed so hard in the office... And I will never look at Barney the same way again. When I see Barney, I remember this joke... Whenever I see my colleague, this picture come into my mind...

Barney in purple brief!!!

Posted at 12:39 am by Josh524

Josh to Krawx
September 30, 2008   10:41 AM PDT
Haha, this kinda of stuffs will be the one that get stucks into your mind for a very long time. XD
Josh to Chris
September 30, 2008   10:40 AM PDT
I don't like him also. But seriously, the joke damn funny lor!
September 30, 2008   01:18 AM PDT
omg.. this is going to be in my memory as well.. barney = purple undies

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