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Saturday, October 04, 2008
Ice-skating at Kallang Leisure Park

    Went to ice-skating today! Its about 5 years since I last touched any ice-skates... Seriously! And I thought I will be the one falling and trembling here and there. Lucky me, I am not the one. ^_^

    Abit woobly when I first started... Still need to hug the surrounding to help me to move around. After about 20 minutes, I can fly on my own already. XD

Me, Nath, Niki and Fan

    Sad to say, thats the only pics I have. Since the others bring along their cameras. So I can only post more photos when I get it from them. Get to meet Nath's classmates today. A very lively and a happy bunch. ^_^

    OH YA!!! One more damn important thing to tell you all... NATH FELL!!! SHE PK-ED!!! Sad to say, I don't have the post fell pic with me... Will blog bout it once I get it from the others. ^_^

Posted at 11:08 pm by Josh524

October 8, 2008   12:18 PM PDT
Niki - got lar. So apek hairstyle... Where got boyish...
October 8, 2008   12:25 AM PDT
So boyish looking, where got look like apek? LOL
Josh to TS
October 7, 2008   08:53 AM PDT
I look like an Apek okay? Where got look younger...
October 7, 2008   02:33 AM PDT
Eh, u look thinner and younger with this hair cut? I want a hair cut too that makes me look thinner and younger.

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