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Monday, October 06, 2008
Real Life Office Politics.

    What if... One day... You are in a meeting. A group meeting. Its about the upcoming project that worth millions. The big boss a.k.a. the project leader was presenting his ideas on how the project should be run from the head to the tail end. After his presentation, he asked the floor for the opinion on what they thinks about his project idea.

    Put it this way, Allen is the project leader. Bruce is the newly hired project coordinator, a very ambitious young guy who's not afraid to voice out his opinion. The others are just "kelefe" a.k.a. supporting cast that don't really matter here. These kelefe are those elderly that are waiting to retire and want minimum or no problem along the way to retirement.

Allen: So guys, what you think about MY idea?
Chris: I think its wonderful!
Don: It will surely have high return in a short period of time!
Ervin: Boss, you are number 1 when it comes to profits!
Frank: It will be the most successful project ever!
Allen: Bruce, you are awfully quite. Anything you want to add in?
Bruce: Well... Er...

Allen: Bruce, no worries. Just say what is in your mind. We are here to listen.
Chris: Yes Bruce, share with us.
Don: Come on young man, show us what you got.
Ervin: No need to be afraid, just say what's in your mind.
Frank: We want to listen to how young people thinks.
Bruce: Okay... I think...

So Bruce talks about how he feel about the Big Boss idea

    Bruce idea was totally different from what the Big Boss presented. Its basically the old fashioned safe approach and the more new daring approach. After about 30 mins...

Bruce: That's what I think about this project.
Allen: Hmm, that was totally different than what I have presented earlier. What you guys think?
Chris: Allen, its an absolutely different way to handle the project.
Don: Its about the exact opposite of your idea.
Ervin: He's just saying what he thinks about the project.
Frank: Hmmm, its how the young man thinks.
Bruce: Well, the market is changing and I think its best if we follow the trend.
Allen: Okay guys... I need to be excused for a moment.

Thus, the big boss went out and left them in the meeting room.
5 minutes later...

Allen: Bruce, this is for you. You may open it now.(passed Bruce an envelope)
Bruce: (Opened the envelope) WHAT?!?!?! I AM FIRED?!?!?! WHY?!!?!?
Allen: I can't accept a guy who is not a team player in my group.
Bruce: Since when I am not a team player?
Allen: Since just now, when you start going against my idea.
Bruce: I am just voicing out my opinion.
Allen: Correction. You criticise my idea. Not voicing out opinion.
Bruce: This is outrageous.
Allen: So is you when you criticize my idea.
Bruce: I am merely suggesting a different approach!
Chris: Bruce, you are criticizing him.
Don: Yes Bruce, you are.
Ervin: Bruce, you are clearly against him.
Frank: Bruce, its so obvious you are not supporting the boss idea.
Allen: Okay, that's it. Bruce, pack your stuffs and leave at once.

What kind of boss is this?

    So, the poor Bruce got fired for apparently going against his boss. But the truth is Bruce is just merely voicing out his opinion. He is just merely suggesting another way and he got fired for that. The big boss is simply too hardheaded to accept other people's idea. And the kelefe? Just a bunch of guys who follows blindly because they don't want too hassle for the few years left until their retirement age.

    And for you guys that have the thinking that I am Bruce, too bad... I still need to get my ass up early in the morning and get ready for work tomorrow. I am just sharing this incident that really happened in real life. Details are confidential though.

Posted at 10:24 pm by Josh524

October 9, 2008   11:16 AM PDT
gurl - well, he's unlucky he got such boss...

stuckinthemiddle - Hi there! welcome! Well, it depends on the boss himself. Some just simply can't take anyone who simply disagree with him.
October 9, 2008   10:59 AM PDT
hi, i just came across your blog
get interested with this particular entry

walao...if like this ha, i should've been fired hundreds of time for voicing out my opinion
lucky i have/had a cool bosses all this while
else....die la
October 7, 2008   06:58 PM PDT
sounds bad :( poor bruce.
October 7, 2008   10:46 AM PDT
Ben - If old kelefe, they sure want easy way to go. Its sad to say but its da truth...

TS - Bruce is not going against the big boss idea indirectly also. So its not his entirely his fault.

YL - Haha, actually is da boss who thinks Bruce going against him. Bruce just voicing out his opinion mar.

Spectre - Form a company in hell right? Collaboration with you? XD
October 7, 2008   10:26 AM PDT
Bruce should open his own company and kick the crap of his former company ! YI HAAA!
October 7, 2008   09:53 AM PDT
politics that happens all the time. how very true. go against boss and you go bye bye already :/ nicep ost though :)
October 7, 2008   02:32 AM PDT
Kelefe will be kelefe. Bruce will be Bruce that is why he is Batman. Otherwise Batman will be kelefe?

Smooth sail approach vs thunderstorm approach. Which one is better? It depends...

In anyhow, I think Bruce should take calculated risk next time.

October 6, 2008   10:39 PM PDT
Kelefe are kelefe. 50 cent people who do anything just to keep their position secured. These people in my opinion will never progress in life because of the fear of risk and to present new ideas.

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