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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Butterfly award - For the coolest blog I ever know

    So, I been given this award by Ben and Spectre. I guess its time for me to return the favour then. ^_^

Edited the colour

    Seriously, to select the top 10 is so so hard for me. I am a regular at so many people's blog. I might not leave a msg all the time, but you know that I am there to read your blog. So, after cracking my head, this is the top 10 bloggers that I wanted to present the award. Keep in mind that this only applies to those I bloggers I know through Nuffnang. ^_^

Ben - He's the first guy who present me with this award. A Phonenix Suns fan like I am, this goes out to the little boy out there who will eventually be taller than me in a few years time. Don't bully the old man if we ever have a time to play basketball together.

Spectre - Surprise surprise! He's the second guy who gave me the award. Demon lord is what he like to be known as. Explosion items, demon, hell, that's his specialty. Another crapper just like me. Trying to drag people into hell all the time. One thing to notice is that he can't eat donut really well.

Chris Thoo - He is so famous with various nicknames. Ranging from tomato man, dudu man, con man, christie, camwhore king and famous for being gay with some other Nuffnangers. Other that that, he also known to perform his signature move when he is mad, stomping the ground...

Junjun Riko - Well, I gave my first time to her... Keeps all your horny thoughts aside okay... I gave my first rapping resume to her. Famous for her post on sexual and horny "how to" series, another great blogger I get to know through Nuffnang. Keep on blogging girl! Don't you ever stop blogging.

Han Pei Ling - Frankly speaking, I just knew her not too long ago. We spent time spamming each other chatbox like nobody business. Eventually, found out that she is just another crapper like me. Other than that, she stays nearby me! Might be going out for a prata together some day.

D_s_X - Most of the time, he say he is busy "studying". But from time to time, he will pop up randomly to chat in the Nuffnang chatbox. Some studying huh? Well, he's the guy you want to go to Starbucks with. Because he "promised" to treat almost everyone in Innit.

Slimey - Famous for her Cube series, she managed to crack out the most funny jokes of all. She accept request for the Cube series, so faster go ahead and drop by her blog to request for one. Some time might be needed though, ranging from 1 week to 10 years according to her. By the way, her english name is June. Thus, she's 1/3 of the J Cube United.

Jessie - Another 1/3 of the J Cube United. Together with Slimey and me, we are the complete J Cube United! Whenever the three of us in Innit, we will do the complete *Jay hugs*. While *incomplete Jay hugs" happens when one of us is missing. Did I mentioned she's also known as the scary tomato and the girl who like GTL very muchie?

Venessa - One of the blogger that I met first through Nuffnang. This is the girl who "suffered" lack of oxygen when we went out the first time. Then she gets back to me by being late for a few hours for the next outing. An inside joke... That aside, she's a friendly girl and you don't feel like you are talking to a 16 years old when you talk to her.

Nath - Hang out with her for a few times already so far. Don't play play with her okay. When she have high expectation on a particular stuff, she seriously expect good results from it. The best time I have with her of course is when she fell down during ice-skating.

    For all the 10 bloggers I nominated, you can cotinue to nominate other bloggers too. Just follow the instruction.

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

    Have fun nominating!

Posted at 07:47 pm by Josh524

November 25, 2010   01:46 AM PST
I give my entry for nomination for the award. Any conditions to meet??
April 22, 2009   10:06 PM PDT
Eh eh, jelez. But then I create that page not bcoz of da butterfly. It's because I got more than 1 merr. Looks more systematic than cramping it into my 'About Me' page.
Haha, Omdbfg u din notice that? itulah takde hati. *shakes head*
October 9, 2008   11:18 AM PDT
Ben - sob sob... U started bullying me by saying I am your elder... Haih... i damn old d... *cough cough*
October 9, 2008   12:10 AM PDT
Don't worry. I can't bully my elders. =)
October 8, 2008   09:50 AM PDT
Weee!!!! Jay Cube United!!!
***Complete Jay hugs***

Jesise, just writting what come across my mind at that time. ^_^

Slimey: haha, nevermind. You like to make up your own rules wan o. haha
Jay Three
October 8, 2008   09:12 AM PDT
OOOooooooooo thank you Jay Two!!! *together with Jay One, JAY HUGS JAY HUGS!!!~~~~~*
Was suppose to bagi u the butterfly award too but I thought I couldn't repeat the nominations. Hah, making up my own rules again.
October 8, 2008   12:38 AM PDT

and i loved the part where u described me


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