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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Welcome To Singapore

    Welcome to Singapore, just like what Mr. Chow Yun Fatt say in the movie Pirates 3. I got an interview with a company in Boon Lay, Shipyard Road located at the west side of Singapore.

Four waiting lanes

    I just thought that the four waiting lanes sign was kinda cool, thats why I upload it here.

Under Construction

    Singapore will have its own 'eye' very soon hopefully. Anyway, to the interview session now. I was initially schedule for the interview at 3.30pm, but then the manager had a meeting so it was postponed until 4.30pm. I waited for him in the interview room. Out of pure boringness, I take out my HP to start camwhore like 'siow lang'. In the manager's room le, how brave am I right? Tongue

The Application Form

The smart looking me

    I am very glad that the interview went well. The manager is very very friendly and its like I am talking with a friend. No stress at all. Unlike the previous interviews that I had. After the interview, I managed to met up with Melissa, a long-time-no-see friend for dinner. She's been working here for about a month already.

The place where we had dinner

I ate Spaghetti with grilled pork

   Forgotten to take photo with her pulak... LOL. At the night time, took a 'tour' around Geylang to... to... to... see-see-look-look. Hey, Geylang got food shop also de ok... Tongue I had my supper in Geylang too. While I was enjoying my nasi lemak, I notice there is a Proton car passing by me!!! In Singapore!!! Dunno why, but then I think its rare to find a Proton car in Singapore.

The nasi lemak additional choices

Proton in Singapore

    The next day, I explore Singapore myself. Went to Bugis Junction, Takashimaya and Wisma Atria. According to what I surveyed, stuffs like cameras, phones, CD/DVD/VCD and other electronic products are cheaper compare to Malaysia. Even my current phone is just SGD38!!! Well, you need to register something like a postpaid line for a minimum of 2years to get that price. Anyhow it is still worth it!!!

The price is unbelievable!

(not) Syok camwhoring alone

A cute billboard

    Then it was finally time to return back to Malaysia. It takes about 5hours to travel back all the way to KL. I am already starting to like Singapore. LOL

Goodbye Singapore~ Hope to see you soon~

    And guess what? I got an offer from the company already!!! Maybe I am heading to Singapore soon? Stay tune!

Posted at 05:20 am by Josh524

August 5, 2007   12:29 AM PDT
What sissy? This is called the art of blogging. LOL

Really de ar? Bring me go see leng lui? Then I 'ng hak hei' camwhore with them de lo... HAHAHA
August 5, 2007   12:10 AM PDT
Isk Isk Isk.. damn sissy man u... camwhoring around singapore!!! hahahaha

more to take... next time get a camera la.... jie jie take u go see leng lui...

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