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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Shit lor... I am becoming more and more si lai d...

    As per the title, lately I think I am slowly turning into a si lai soon lor. Seriously... Why? Because I eat KFC according to season. Sure you people are wondering how can KFC and si lai be related? Okay... Here it goes... I get this booklet a.k.a. discount sheet from my mailbox from time to time...

KFC Discount booklet!!!

    Can you see the connection here? No? Okay... You see, I hardly will step into any KFC without those coupons... Yes! I am calculative okay. And one of the criteria to be a si lai is to be calculative.

See the U.P(usual price)?

    Okay lar, small amount only... Anyhow its just a snack set, which I don't think it will satisfy my hunger. However, the discounted amount increases as the portion increase lor... Don't believe? Take a look...

2 person meal

Suitale for 4 person

    See! Almost half of the usual price le. Don't play play. And this kind of vouchers will be available every quarter year or so. And what do I do to save money? Use up all the vouchers if possible before it expired. Haha...

    The greedy me even ordered the 4 person set just for two person. Imagine, 4 piece of chicken + 3 drumlets + 2 drinks + half coleslaw + half mashed potato... WTF, damn full I tell you. Can tahan 2 days or 1 and a half day without consuming any other food.

Posted at 08:35 pm by Josh524

October 9, 2008   10:08 AM PDT
BLue - cannot lar. This weekend i got date with the doctor...

Name - I have to be si lai d. I am now on save as much as I can mode. XD
October 9, 2008   03:20 AM PDT
I don't like KFC with or without coupons! McD 10X better! haha. You are right you are a see lai in the making : )
October 8, 2008   08:44 PM PDT
this weekend belanja me!!!

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