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Friday, October 10, 2008
Blue, Purple, Indigo or some other colour?

    So, I had this arguement with Cathyc. Nothing serious, just something enough that we mass spammed each other wall for 1 or 2 days. We were arguing about the colour of my blog. She say that its black and blue while I am saying that its black and purple.

This is what she suggested.

    So that is what she sugggested, and this is what I am going to do. I would like to ask everyone reading this now for opinion... Is my blog more to blue or purple? To make your life easier...

This is the list of potential colours

    Now, all this time I thought Indigo is what purple colour should look like. In your humble opinion, what colour does "My blog" closely resemble to? Is it more to blue or more to purple? You can say its indigo too. But if die die you can choose either blue or purple, which colour does it closely resemble too?

    No worries, i won't bombard your wall if you disagree with me. I am okay with it. ^_^

Posted at 11:22 am by Josh524

December 12, 2011   09:17 PM PST
Hmm... let's say the "true" purple (or violet) is a 50/50 mix of red and blue hues. I'd say your text colour, and the left and inside right borders of the black boxes come fairly close to this. The bottom corner/right outside border is near to pure blue (maybe 5% red).

The background seems to be about 15% red, 85% blue which would make me call it INDIGO. This mix seems to have been lightened and then overlaid on mid/dark grey, but it's still INDIGO.
December 21, 2008   05:00 PM PST
October 13, 2008   09:37 AM PDT
kheewei - fine then. Its blue. No more argument. XD
October 13, 2008   01:14 AM PDT
haha i always thought it was blue... lol
October 11, 2008   06:47 PM PDT
cazzycazz - Its blue lor according to most ppl. Haha, and u say its pink. Totally diff from the rest.

JustJasmine - Yea, at least still got ppl agree with me. XD

kelvin - correction, your mom is right this time. not all the time. haha, why suddenly pull Chris in? Anyway, will link u up soon k?
October 11, 2008   09:54 AM PDT
eh eh.. my mom is always right ok? i blame chris for this mess! LOL!

How u doing bro? Take care! =)
October 11, 2008   06:12 AM PDT
I vore for indigo but actually it's more to purple than blue, as girls see it XD
October 11, 2008   01:55 AM PDT
It's pink la. XD I say a dark blue with light purple
October 11, 2008   12:07 AM PDT
gosh, it looks like grey to me!! Anything wrong with my eyes??
October 10, 2008   06:54 PM PDT
spectre - for the fun of it mar. She wun satsugai me wan but she will kidnap me. XD

-c@nEy- - since u say purple-ish blue, i assume its purple since u say purple 1st? XD

acey - visit here for 5 mins again lor. Then u gain ur previous 5mins but lost ur current 5 mins. XD

Cathy - If indigo dun exist... That's why have to ask others mar. XD
Cathy Chew
October 10, 2008   04:22 PM PDT
wtf..i ask u go do survey..not to ask u post a range of color for them to decide..if indigo never exists, what does this color of your blog stands?
October 10, 2008   01:08 PM PDT
Gimme back my 5 minutes, fucker.
October 10, 2008   11:39 AM PDT
its purple-ish blue...does that answer the question =P
October 10, 2008   11:35 AM PDT
lidat u wan to argue? u better watch out of cathyc will went berzerk and satsugai u josh on the spot! XD

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