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Thursday, October 16, 2008
The 5 Cs Criteria to go after a girl

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you heard about the 5 Cs criteria before right? Well, in case you just came out from the jungle yesterday, you are lucky! Cause Dr. Josh here will share with you WTF is the 5 Cs criteria. ^_^

    Ermm, lets use myself as the experimental subject shall we? Let's take a look at the test subject, trying to get himself a materialistic GF. ^_^

This is Josh without anything...

    Now, how many "materialistic GF" (MGF) can you get when you have nothing like the above me? None! Haha... Cause you have totally nothing that your MGF can suck you off from. So first, you die die need the first C...

Career! Now Josh have 1 C. ^_^

    You need career badly to begin with. If no career, then are you going to depend on your family member to support you forever? Well, you got the first C already. And your MGF want something branded and damn expensive. So what do you need?

Cash of course! Now Josh have 2 Cs

    Yes! With cash now you can go walk around with your MGF and shop till you drop. Wait, you don't expect to carry gazillion of cash together with you whenever you go shopping with MGF right? Thus, you need another C!

Credit cards! 3 Cs for Josh!

    So now you only need to do the 3S with your Credit Card. SHOW, SWIPE and SETTLE the bill when it comes. One thing to notice, walking during night time is kinda romantic right? BUT no... Your MGF is simply too lazy to walk around. So what else can you do to satisfy her?

Get a car! 4 Cs is in Josh hand now

    Now with a car, you can drive your MGF to anywhere yo want. You can even drive around the beach if you want to. Hmmm, then the MGF complained about the place you are staying... Too small, too humid, too dirty, too... everything is not good. So what should you do?

Yes! A condo! Now Josh is complete with the 5 Cs!!!

    Well, you think your MGF will stick to you with those 5 Cs completed? Of course! That is until she found someone who have a career better than you, more cash and credit cards than you, a car that is far better than yours, and a condo is way more comfortable than yours. Then you break up, and move on to find another MGF. XD

    Seriously, the 5 Cs criteria is really useful when you are going after a girl. But of course not the 5 Cs I mentioned above lar. Delete those 5 Cs from your head now. Okay? Now, these are the 5 Cs that will surely come into hand while wooing girls. ^_^

A more practical 5 Cs approach

    First of all, Chemistry. So what if she's a super model and you are a hot bachelor? No chemistry means die d... With a bit of luck, fate and correct timing, chemistry might strike without you even noticing it. Heard of the harder you trying to catch a butterfly, the harder it will get? Try to play cool sometimes and don't show any sign of desperation.

    Next up, Communication. Two ppl don't just end up together just like that. Find out what your crush like. Research abit on it if its not your field of expertise. The next time you are on a date, you will be able to have something common to talk about. It seriously won't hurt to do some research you know?

    Composure. Stay calm! Don't treat any date like its a matter of life and dead whenever you are on a date. Stuttering is normal. But don't stutter all the time. If you are not good at talking, try to be very interested into what she wants to tell you. Just make sure your mind don't wander around. Focus on what she is saying to you. Ask her open ended question so she won't reply with a single Yes or No only.

    Characteristic. Be yourself. Some guys are trying very hard to be perfect until he is completely not himself. Share with her some of your most embarassing moment, back-bitch about the people you don't like in your work, tell her how you got bully last time. Make her laugh! Thats the key to a succesful date.

    Finally, Compromise. Well, its always better to take a step back when its neccessary. Lets say, you plan to eat western and she plan to eat Japanese. Well, go to a Jap restaurant this time and tell her its going to be a western dinner for the next date. There you go, another date! Don't ever argue over a small matter, like over a misdelivering of a rojak.

Posted at 08:19 pm by Josh524

October 23, 2008   06:45 PM PDT
OMG....thx josh for teaching me all this stuff. =)

Bt apprently, i prefer the MODERN 5C's XD
October 17, 2008   09:17 PM PDT
Crystabel - Thanks for your compliment. ^_^

kenwooi - haha, just something stupid that come into my mind.

Spectre - its ur fault if that girl don't like you. XD

tzeLih - Yes it is. Thats why I reccomend them rather than the first 5 Cs. ^_^

YL - Charismatic was on da list. But it was not that important lar from my point of view. ^_^
October 17, 2008   04:16 PM PDT
haha. i thought it was charismatic. haha! but those 5C's seems really good. will try try :D
October 17, 2008   03:36 PM PDT
the last 5 C's are more practical lah..hahahaha
October 17, 2008   02:21 PM PDT
Ok spectre will try to *test* your method but anything goes wrong your soul is mine XD
October 17, 2008   10:53 AM PDT
Nice one. The way you present the first 5Cs is creative! =)
October 17, 2008   10:19 AM PDT
Haha. Interesting post and cute graphics. The new Cs... lol
October 17, 2008   09:14 AM PDT
Krawx - Thanks. ^_^

Ben - Nononono, just saying what I have in mind only. ^_^

PzheL - Thanks dude. ^_^
October 16, 2008   09:18 PM PDT
And Joshie is now teaching people how to kao girls?? Wow... Dr. Josh!
October 16, 2008   08:50 PM PDT
nice post dude..

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